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  • Douglas Crockford
    Jun 5 8:46 AM
      We now have two webvats, the HTML frame or iframe, and the Gears's
      worker pool. What we need next is a safe common way to let them

      I think that takes the form of some kind of vat manager, which assigns
      unique, unguessable IDs to each vat, and routes messages which are
      addressed with those IDs. The messages can be represented as JSON
      texts, so the messaging will not cause capability leakage.

      What other services should the vat manager provide? Should it mark
      every message with a return address? Should it provide location
      services for vats sharing a common domain, or must such discovery be
      done through the server? Should it send disconnection messages when it
      sees vats disappear to correspondents of those vats?
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