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  • Eileen R. Harris
    # 1 From: Gerhard Seibert, IICT, Lisbon mailseibert@yahoo.com Dear colleagues, I would like to draw your attention to the newly published book Batalha, Luís
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2004
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      # 1
      From: Gerhard Seibert, IICT, Lisbon

      Dear colleagues,

      I would like to draw your attention to the newly published book

      Batalha, Luís
      The Cape Verdean Diaspora in Portugal: Colonial
      Subjects in a Postcolonial World,
      New York: Lexington Books (
      www.lexingtonbooks.com), 2004
      ISBN: 0-7391-0797-6

      Author Luís Batalha's ethnographic study of the Cape Verdean community in
      Portugal focuses on two distinct groups: the middle-class white elite and
      the darker-skinned, migrant laborers. This challenging and unique work
      strips bare the social relations -- race, gender, and class -- that
      structure lived experience in this post-colonial society. Based on the life
      stories of fifty Cape Verdeans living mainly in the metropolitan are of
      Lisbon, this study provides an important analysis of these two remarkably
      disparate groups and illustrate what it is to be part of the present day
      Cape Verdean 'community' in Portugal. In addition to painting a complex and
      realistic portrait of this world, Batalha further sheds light on the
      social, national, and international dynamics of societies who struggle with
      a racialized social order imposed and maintained for decades and, in some
      cases, centuries.

      Luís Batalha is Assistant Professor at the Instituto Superior de Ciências
      Sociais e Políticas (ISCSP)in
      Lisbon (
      # 2
      FREE CHILDRENS BOOKS are being donated to a non-profit association or organization in the Massachusetts area or for Cabo Verde (shipping NOT included)
      CONTACT - FORCV at forcv@... or 202-965-6820
      # 3

      Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

      Hope all is well with you and yours.

      Just wanted to introduce you all to cabostation.com, a new lusophone Africa-centered online radio station initiative launched by my very good friend Luis Miguel Monteiro, professionally known as DJ Guelas. Guelas is a well known and very respected DJ in the lusophone Africa community. cabostation.com was created in partnership with www.zoukstation.com. Check it out as well.

      Once tuned in to cabostation.com you can enjoy music from places such as Cape Verde, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, St. Tome & Principe, and Antilles, 24/7!!!(If you need music from these places he's your man by the way!) For more info Guelas can be contacted at djguelas@....

      Please share this email with friends or anyone who might be interested.

      The link is www.cabostation.com

      Please show your support!

      A Luta Continua,

      Terza Alice Silva Lima
      Clark Atlanta University
      Graduate Program in Political Science
      Atlanta, GA 30314
      # 4
      Dear Friend of the Schooner Ernestina ex-Effie M. Morrissey:

      Schooner Ernestina is underway for the season. It has been a challenging
      several months, to say the least. Work has been completed in the yard and
      the ship lays at New Bedford State Pier with underway programs commencing in
      earnest. We are now on the South Side of the Pier with new berthing on a
      floating dock in the works. More on this in the future!

      Thank you so much if you have recently re-upped your membership - you are
      helping Ernestina keep on sailing. Donations are greatly appreciated,
      especially at this time.  We are aiming at $100,000 for our fundraising
      campaign through the end of the year but we have a ways to go!

      There is a member sail this Friday and others through the summer. If you
      would like to sail, please see
      http://www.ernestina.org/calendar/memsail.html for member sail
      opportunities. Remember to check back often for sails added over the course
      of the season. Sign up today!

      If you would like to donate now by credit card please go to

      We try to keep the events page up to date at
      http://www.ernestina.org/events.html There will be some program images up

      Gregg Swanzey
      Executive Director
      Schooner Ernestina Commission
      P.O. Box 2010
      New Bedford, MA 02741-2010
      PH 508-992-4900
      FAX 508-984-7719

      An agency in the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

      FORCV  reports information regarding the Caboverdean community activities. Readers

      are responsible for conducting  transactions with the organization and/or individuals

      involved. In no event  shall FORCV or its representatives be liable for any damages

      arising from the reader’s use of the information reported herein.”

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