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Meeting Reminder and Parking info

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  • Hill, Jim
    ================================ IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION ================================ Thank you to Tech Providers, Inc. who will be providing soft
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17 2:40 PM

      "Thank you" to Tech Providers, Inc. who will be providing soft drinks and
      cookies for the
      meeting. Tech Providers is a Birmingham based technical staffing and
      consulting company.
      They can be found at http://www.techproviders.com/.

      There will also be 2 nice door prizes that will be given away at the


      Our next CAOUG (Central Alabama Oracle User Group) meeting will be
      Thursday, May 18th at 11:30.


      "Using SQL & C to Present an HTML View of Your Database Schema"


      Parking can be had at the Parking Deck at the corner of 18th Street and 5th
      Avenue North (small walk to the Amsouth Sonat Tower) or at the Parking deck
      attached to the Amsouth Sonat Tower (corner of 19th Street and 5th Avenue

      Cost for the 19th Street parking deck is:

      < 1hour - $1.00
      1-2 hours - $1.50
      2-3 hours - $2.00


      Sonat building at 1900 5th Ave. North. The meeting will be held in the
      29th floor conference room. Look for signs pointing the way. This will
      be a brown bag event. There is a food court in the building if you'd
      like to pick up your lunch there.

      If you haven't been to the user group in a while, consider putting this on
      your calendar, picking up your lunch and attending this meeting. We'd love
      to see you there.

      Jim Hill
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