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  • Jim Hill
    I usually don t send out so much email, but I got so excited when I saw Craig s descriptions of his presentations I just had to send them out.  I think we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2009
      I usually don't send out so much email, but I got so excited when I saw Craig's descriptions of his presentations I just had to send them out.  I think we are going to get to see and learn some stuff we don't normally get exposed to.  Scroll down to see...
      BTW, you can RSVP by replying to this message.  (Monday, August 24th from 11:00am - 1:30pm or so)
      ITAC Solutions and Veristor are sponsoring our lunch and it will be catered by Dale's Southern Grill.  mmmmh, mmmmn good.  There will be plenty of veggies if you are a vegetarian, so don't worry about that.


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      Here ya go. The Georgia meeting went very well this past week. I'm really looking forwarding to speaking on Monday! I'm at Smith Lake now relaxing for a few days. It's quite a lake.


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      I'll do two presentations, each around 45-60 minutes, but I can easily adjust. First I'll do the latching presentation and then the response time presentation.

      Also, I'll be giving away two of my new books, Oracle Performance Firefighting. And I'll provide every attendee with a 25% discount coupon if they order the book on-line.

      Title: Serialization Control; The lock, latch, & mutex

      For a high performing Oracle system, serialization is death. That's why understanding, detecting, and resolving serialization issues are extremely important. Many DBAs feel there is little you can do when serialization issues raise their ugly head. Not true! I have found once one understands the general latch and mutex algorithms and equipped with Oracle's memory architectures and internals, latch/mutex contention solutions become very apparent. This presentation provides an in-depth look into memory serialization control, how Oracle's algorithms ensure the necessary serialization, and how we can can get involved to ensure serialization issues do not remain a problem.

      Title: Introduction to Applied Response Time Analysis

      All performance analysis begins with a solid understanding of response time analysis; its components, sources of data, and mathematics. This presentation will introduce you to how response time analysis provides the performance analyst with a very comfortable and confident way to communicate the current and future performance situation. A template and an interactive response time graph will be used to help understand how we, as performance analysts, can represent and influence the performance situation in our favor.



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