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Fwd: opening for an Oracle Application Server administrator

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  • Jim Hill
    Did you know we have another list for job postings called caoug-jobs?  Normally I wouldn t post a job opening to this list, but since Bob Schlemmer asked me
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2009
    Did you know we have another list for job postings called caoug-jobs?  Normally I wouldn't post a job opening to this list, but since Bob Schlemmer asked me to I decided it would be a good way to remind you about our caoug-jobs list.  In fact, I just posted another job opening on caoug-jobs.
    If you'd like to sign up for the list, I believe this will get you to a page where you can do that:


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    Jim - will you please post this for the CAOUG members?  Thanks. 

    Bob Schlemmer

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    Thanks for replying Bob, please do so and any other group you can think off, may be Atlanta.


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    Would you like me to send this to the Central Alabama Oracle User Group?


    Bob Schlemmer | Technology Sales Manager
    Phone: +1 205 563 2662
    Oracle US Commercial Accounts
    3936 Forest Avenue | Birmingham, AL 35213

    Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment


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    I left you a message on your phone as well  about this. We have an opening for a Oracle Application Server administrator. If you have someone who is looking for a job in this field, I will appreciate you forwarding me his/her credentials.




    Application System Administrator

    Job Description: 


    EPL, Inc. is looking for an Application System Administrator to join our system software services group where he/she will play a critical role in supporting our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment.  The successful candidate will possess solid technical, analytical, and communication skills.


    This position will serve as one of the Application System Administrators responsible for managing mission critical, high availability financial and Web Content Management applications.  The ideal candidate will be someone who thrives on making improvements, is a self starter, and has strong drive and attention to details.  This will be someone with a solid technical foundation who also can focus on process and will be able to help optimize our clients’ experience. Identify upcoming patches, keep software current





    Skills Required:

       Must be able to install and configure Oracle Application server, OID Server, and Portal


       Familiar with deploying applications to an Oracle application server suite


       Familiar with implementation of java applications


       Familiar with a 3-tier application design (i.e. DB, WEB, and Client Tiers)
       Strong familiarity with both UNIX/Linux


       Candidate should be a self starter, must be able to work with little supervision


    Skills Desired:
       Familiar with administration of Oracle's Grid Control

       Experience with clustering a plus

       Experience with weblogic a plus


       At least five years of IT/system administration experience including at least three years of experience administering/maintaining oracle application server software suite


       Bachelor of science degree in the information technology area or equivalent experience of at      least 6 years in the IT field



    Please contact Bob Cummings (bob.cummings@...) with resume and salary requirements.



    Jishnu Kinwar

    Director, System Software Services

    Epl Inc.

    office 205 408 5374 | cell 205 335 8231 | jkinwar@...


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