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Oracle User Group - RSVP's needed

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  • Jim Hill
    It s been a while since we ve had an event and I m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new folks from all around central Alabama at our
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2005
      It's been a while since we've had an event and I'm
      looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting
      new folks from all around central Alabama at our
      meeting next Wednesday.

      We have to get a count for lunch so please send in
      your RSVP if you plan to attend. Just reply to this
      email to RSVP.

      I've enclosed the full announcement below...


      RSVP's Required (count for lunch needed, RSVP by
      replying to this message):

      On Wednesday, August 31st at 11:30 Kenny Smith of
      Cnetics will be doing a live "Get on the Grid"
      presention for the Central Alabama Oracle User Group.
      Lunch will be provided.

      We will be meeting at the Energen Conference Center at
      the Energen headquarters on 6th Ave. North and Richard
      Arrington Blvd. Parking is provided on the top level
      of the Energen parking deck which is adjacent to the

      I've included a description of the presentation that
      Cnetics provided. You can see a picture of the
      hardware if you follow the link.

      Our "Get on the Grid" presentation discusses and
      demonstrates a fully configured, portable Oracle 10g
      RAC system running on HP equipment. Our portable
      systems called "Test tRACks" are multi-bootable on
      Linux, Windows and HP-UX depending on the hardware
      configuration. (For more information on our portable
      Oracle units, visit

      How the presentation works:

      Our presentation gives attendees an opportunity to
      learn about and get hands-on with 10g RAC. We will
      bring a portable Real Application Cluster system with
      a wireless access point. We describe the hardware and
      software configuration and then demonstrate important
      RAC features such as transaction application failover,
      load balancing, and scalability on the live system. We
      then allow attendees to login via their laptops and
      "play" with Linux, Windows, Oracle, clustered file
      systems & clustered servers.

      We've made this presentation at the Georgia Oracle
      User Group Conference and the International Oracle
      User Group Conference. We've also presented
      "Get on the Grid" to groups such the Columbus Linux
      Users Group, the Atlanta Unix Users Group and the East
      Tennessee Oracle Users Group with great success.

      You can also read Kenny's professional bio at


      I think this will be a great presentation and I hope
      to see you all there. You can just reply to this
      message to RSVP.

      Jim Hill

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    • Jim Hill
      Our meeting on November 17th is shaping up to be an excellent time to learn more about Oracle Licensing. Johnny Ray s Bar-b-que will be catering our lunch, so
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 7, 2005
        Our meeting on November 17th is shaping up to be an
        excellent time to learn more about Oracle Licensing.
        Johnny Ray's Bar-b-que will be catering our lunch, so
        please reply and let me know if you plan on coming so
        that we can make sure we have enough bar-b-que and pie
        for everyone.

        I'm including the meeting announcement and the
        invitation that you can share with others who may want
        to attend.

        Here's a link to a map to help you reach the Energen


        The Energen parking deck entry is on 6th Ave right
        across from the Colonial Properties parking deck.
        Just push the button at the gate and tell the guard
        that you are here for the Oracle User Group in the
        Energen Conference Center.

        I hope to see you there.

        Jim Hill

        Original Announcement

        A couple of months back my new management came to me
        with questions about Oracle licensing and I had to
        confess that I didn't know very much about it. Since
        then I have done a lot of research and found out that
        Oracle license compliance is a very detailed and
        complex subject. On top of that complexity, you add
        account rep relationships and contract negotiations
        and you've got a web that can get pretty tangled.

        On Thursday, November 17th at 11:30 Scott Rosenberg,
        President and CEO of Miro Consulting Inc, will be
        coming in to help us untangle this web.

        I think all of you will find that this is a
        fascinating topic that will help to prepare you for
        when your management comes to you with licensing
        questions. Also, for those individuals in your
        organizations who have budgetary responsibilities for
        Oracle and those who are tasked with licensing
        compliancy, this event will be of special interest.
        In fact, I'm attaching a special invitation for your
        management to come, eat lunch and learn all about
        unraveling the mysteries of Oracle licensing.

        Lunch will be served at 11:30 and we will begin the
        presentation shortly thereafter. We will be meeting
        in the Energen Conference Center as we did a couple of
        months ago and I promise to get you better
        instructions about how to park for free in the Energen

        Please RSVP as soon as you can because we anticipate a
        large crowd and we need to make sure we are prepared
        for lunch and the presentation. You can RSVP by
        replying to this message and giving me a count.

        Jim Hill
        Central Alabama Oracle User Group

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