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Oracle User Group Meeting - Next Thursday (19th) w/ Michael Ault

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  • Jim Hill
    February CAOUG Meeting (Please help us get a count by RSVP ing) ============================================================ Automated Oracle 10g Features
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2004
      February CAOUG Meeting
      (Please help us get a count by RSVP'ing)


      Automated Oracle 10g Features
      Sponsored by TUSC

      Presented by Michael Ault, Senior Technical Management

      Consultant, TUSC


      DATE: Thursday, February 19th
      TIME: 11:30 am
      PLACE: Samford University Planetarium
      LUNCH: Provided by TUSC
      RSVP REQUIRED: Yes (we need to get an accurate count
      for lunch)


      Samford University Planetarium
      (in the new Sciencenter - #40 on the map)

      Presentation Overview

      Oracle 10g has added an amazing set of automated
      features to the Oracle DBA toolkit. In this overview
      we will discuss the basic principles of:

      - Automated Storage Management
      - Automate Database Diagnostic Monitor
      - Automatic Memory Manager
      - Automated Workload Repository
      - Various sizing and tuning features

      Presenter's Bio: Mike Ault

      Mike is based in Atlanta and is a senior technical
      management consultant for TUSC who has been engaged
      with computer technology for more than two decades,
      with a direct focus on relational database management
      systems. His experience in RDBMS covers Informix,
      INGRES and Oracle. He earned a bachelor of science
      degree in computer science and five Oracle Master
      Certificates. Certified by the Oracle Certification
      Program on all levels for DBAs through Oracle10g, he
      has more than 450 hours of classroom training in
      Oracle to go with his years of hands-on experience.
      He also is a frequent contributor to Oracle, Oracle
      Internals and DBMS magazines.

      He's published over 20 books for Oracle, including
      numerous e-Books, white papers and presentations.
      Here's a link to some of his more recent publications,
      including a December 2003 release on Oracle's
      brand-new database version 10g:


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