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November Oracle User Group meeting

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  • Jim Hill
    November CAOUG Meeting (Please help us get a count by RSVP ing) ============================================================ Making the Most of Oracle s
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      November CAOUG Meeting
      (Please help us get a count by RSVP'ing)


      Making the Most of Oracle's Supplied Packages

      - presented by Arman Rawls


      DATE: Thursday, November 20th
      TIME: 11:30 am
      PLACE: EnteGreat
      LUNCH: Bring your own or pick up something on the way
      RSVP REQUIRED: Yes (they have another event at the
      same time
      and need to get a count)


      EnteGreat University is on the first floor of the 1900
      building at International Park, just off I-459 on
      Acton Road.
      There is a hot link to a map at

      Presentation Overview

      Common Uses for Oracle 9i Supplied PL/SQL Packages

      This presentation will introduce you to some common
      uses for Oracle's supplied PL/SQL packages. These
      packages can be used to monitor the progress of PL/SQL
      programs realtime, predicting PL/SQL completion times,
      generating ddl from the database, creating partitioned
      indexes in parallel, and getting fancy with the
      explain plan. We will also cover some the additional
      subprograms that were added to existing packages.

      Presenter's Bio

      Arman Rawls is a Senior DBA with over 10 years
      working with Oracle databases and optimizations, data
      warehouses, programming tools, and UNIX system
      administration. He is Oracle 7.3, 8.0. 8i, and
      9i certified. He has contributed to the writing of
      party Oracle training manuals, taught in-house Oracle
      training, and is a speaker at various Oracle user
      throughout the US. Arman is currently employed with
      Medical in Birmingham, AL.

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