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last chance to RSVP for presentation/lunch

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  • Jim Hill
    If you plan on attending Thursday s user group, let me know today because I m going to be calling in the order for lunch this afternoon. Thanks. Jim Hill +++
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2003
      If you plan on attending Thursday's user group, let me
      know today because I'm going to be calling in the
      order for lunch this afternoon.

      Jim Hill


      April CAOUG Meeting

      (Please RSVP so that we can get an accurate count
      for lunch.)


      ETL - There's a New Sheriff in Town - Oracle

      - presented by Arman Rawls of Apex Solutions, Inc.

      DATE: Thursday, April 17th
      TIME: 11:30 am
      PLACE: EnteGreat
      LUNCH: Provided by Apex Solutions, Inc.



      EnteGreat University is on the first floor of the 1900
      building at International Park, just off I-459 on
      Acton Road. There is a hot link to a map at


      Presentation Overview

      ETL (Extract, Transformation and Loading) is going
      through a paradigm shift. Previously, ETL was done
      with tools outside the database. Ab Initio, Data Stage
      and Informatica were kings of the ETL world. However,
      there were major disadvantages to this paradigm. Third
      party ETL tools required a separate box because they
      had no controls on the consumption of CPU resources.
      Third party ETL tools were not integrated into the
      database. This meant that ETL developers became
      experts in running the tool; however, had no knowledge
      on how the tool related to the database. In order to
      create fast and efficient ETL processes, you needed to
      know both.

      Oracle 9i is changing the ETL paradigm. This
      presentation will cover these Oracle 9i ETL features
      and explain why you want to join the paradigm shift
      and do ETL in the database.

      Presenter's Bio

      Arman Rawls is a consultant with over 10 years
      experience working with Oracle databases and
      optimizations, data warehouses, programming tools, and
      UNIX system administration. He is Oracle 7.3, 8.0.
      8i, and 9i certified. He has contributed to the
      writing of third party Oracle training manuals, taught
      in-house Oracle training, and is a speaker at various
      Oracle user groups throughout the US. He is currently
      a consultant with BellSouth in Birmingham, AL working
      on a Oracle data warehouse project.
      He is a principal with APEX Solutions, Inc.

      Corporate Sponsor

      APEX Solutions (www.apexsolutions.com) provides data
      integration and business intelligence solutions to
      bring the power of information within the context of
      the business. We design and implement enterprise-wide
      information delivery systems that support world-wide
      user bases by harnessing the talents of seasoned super
      specialists in data integration/warehousing, database
      optimization and design (Oracle), enterprise
      application integration, metadata management, data
      quality analysis, data migrations, and geographical
      information systems. We help maintain the health and
      security of our customers systems.

      APEX Solutions is headquartered in Denver, Colorado,
      incorporated in 1997 and small woman-owned. We have
      grown exponentially fulfilling major contracts
      commercially and with the government.

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