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CAOUG Meeting Today - REMINDER

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  • Hill, Jim
    =============================== Meeting Reminder =============================== NOTE: The Location for the meeting has changed. We owe Tim Robinson at El Paso
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2002
      CAOUG Meeting Today - REMINDER

      Meeting Reminder

      NOTE: The Location for the meeting has changed.
      We owe Tim Robinson at El Paso a big thank you for finding us a facility at the last minute. Thanks Tim.
      See details below...
      Thank you to El Paso for providing the facilities, to
      DataCrest/Walker Haddock for our lunch and to Compaq for the

      NOTE: Please RSVP by the end of the day on Monday if you plan on
      attending. Just reply to this message to RSVP.

      Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters
      -Presented by Compaq and DataCrest-
      DATE: Thursday, January 17th
      TIME: 11:30 am
      PLACE: El Paso Corporation
      LUNCH: Provided by DataCrest
      Oracle recently announced the next level in clustered databases,
      with 9i Real Application Clusters. We will discuss its major advances
      over Oracle Parallel Server, the capabilities of Real Application
      Clusters in comparison with other database servers, and the technology
      behind the scenes that makes it all work. This will be a high level
      presentation, but we can dive down in response to your questions.

      El Paso Corporation
      1900 5th Avenue North
      Birmingham, AL 35202-2563
      The procedure when you get to the building is to go to the 20th floor and
      sign in. You will be directed to the 29th floor and we'll have a sign
      There will be some limited parking available in the deck attached to the
      building (enter on 19th street). Around lunch time it may be enough. There's
      plenty of parking in the BPA deck #7 at the corner of 18th Street and 5th
      Ave (enter on 17th street or 18th street).
      We hope to see you there.
      Jim Hill

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