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REMINDER - Oracle User Group - Tomorrow

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  • Hill, Jim
    This should be an excellent presentation by Bill Wood, the original developer of idbSuite and current Director of Systems Engineering for Digidyne. RSVP today
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2001
      REMINDER - Oracle User Group - Tomorrow

      This should be an excellent presentation by Bill Wood, the original developer of idbSuite and current Director of Systems Engineering for Digidyne.  RSVP today if you plan to attend.

      ----------- Original Announcement --------------
      Thanks again to Entegreat University for providing the facilities and
      to Digidyne for providing our lunch and presentation.
      NOTE: Please RSVP by noon on Wednesday if you plan on attending. Just
      reply to this message to RSVP.
      Developing with idbSuite Container and Menu Objects
      (application flexibility and ease of implementing
      database driven web applications)

      - Presented by Digidyne -
      DATE: Thursday, November 15
      TIME: 11:30 am
      PLACE: Entegreat University
      LUNCH: Provided by Digidyne

      EnteGreat University is on the first floor of the 1900 building
      at International Park, just off I-459 on Acton Road.
      There is a hot link to a map at

      TOPIC: Developing with idbSuite Container and Menu Objects
      PRESENTER: Bill Wood
      Director of Systems Engineering/Developer of the idbSuite
      Digidyne, Inc.

      Internet based software offers enterprises the flexibility of delivering
      business applications without the difficult configuration management
      normally introduced by client server installations. Even distributed
      client server can have configuration obstacles. While the delivery of
      the application through the Internet relieves the client configuration
      problem, the engineering of an Internet application introduces obstacles
      that are not normally a concern in client server. idbSuite is designed to
      approach many of these challenges: such as consistent appearance, behavior
      and navigation; security; and transaction consistency. idbSuite's Container
      and Menu Objects are designed to allow the developer to focus on data
      handling and security by dynamically rendering the layout, HTML and
      JavaScript to the browser. These objects give your application a cohesive
      and intuitive nature that users quickly become familiar and comfortable
      with. Allowing overloading through object oriented techniques, idbSuite's
      Container and Menu Objects easily implement multiple level security and
      data access. Changing field and button names, hiding fields and buttons
      and populating dependent fields through a SQL query are a few examples
      that assist developers in accomplishing business rules. The focus of this
      presentation is to show the flexibility of the idbSuite Container and Menu
      Objects and the ease of implementing database driven web applications with
      Presenter Background/Bio
      Bill is a native of Mobile, Alabama. He began his career in Information
      Systems as an Oracle Database Analyst designing and developing Oracle based
      applications for public finance, public works and public safety departments
      in the late 1980's. In the early 1990's, when client server was the latest
      technology, Bill became one of the leading analysts in the GMIS (Government
      Management Information Systems) organization by implementing police
      communication and records management systems in an object oriented, client
      server architecture. Continuing to work with public safety applications as
      a technical consultant, Bill began focusing on the Internet architecture for
      enterprise applications. With the Oracle database now specifically built for
      the Internet and the Oracle Application Server's powerful capabilities, the
      migration of client server applications to the Internet became a personal
      challenge. This challenge produced a variety of products and utilities in
      use now by Armed Forces Agencies, major public utilities and law enforcement
      applications. "idbSuite" was engineered from all of these products as a
      browser based enterprise development tool. Bill is honored as an Oracle
      Master in two disciplines, System Analysis and Design and Application
      Development with a concentration on web applications. He has presented at
      national and local information technology conferences on client server and
      Internet technologies. Bill can be contacted at the email address
      Hope to see you all there.

      Jim Hill

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