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Next Oracle User Group meeting

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  • Hill, Jim
    ===================================== Oracle User Group Meeting Application Tuning in Oracle 8i Thursday, April 19 (See location and schedule below.)
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2001
      Next Oracle User Group meeting

      Oracle User Group Meeting
      Application Tuning in Oracle 8i

      Thursday, April 19
      (See location and schedule below.)

      Based on the Agenda for this meeting, it looks like we're in store for a very informative session.

      Lunch and door prises will be provided.  The door prizes include:

      Digital Camera (wow!)

      Please RSVP by replying to this message if you plan to attend.  We're trying to get an accurate count for lunch today, if possible.

      Hope to see you there.


      Jim Hill


      Performance Doesn't Just Happen.  Make it Happen.

      Take the first step and join Precise Software Solutions April 19th
      for the CAOUG meeting presenting:

      Application Tuning in Oracle 8i

      This presentation, entitled "Application Tuning in Oracle 8i", will
      focus upon some of the powerful new features introduced in Oracle 8i -
      features designed to significantly enhance the customizability and
      user control of the DBMS engine performance.  Specifically, the
      discussion will emphasize the following areas of interest:

          Directly influencing index utilization and access patterns
          via the OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJUST initialization parameter

          The role of object partitioning and sub-partitioning as a
          vehicle for enhanced performance, reliability, and availability

          The use of specialized, task-specific buffer pools to optimize
          performance and mitigate physical I/O volume

          Using the OUTLINE feature as a means of exerting optimizer data
          access path control in a locked source code application environment

          Leveraging the new CURSOR_SHARING option as a way to reduce shared
          pool fragmentation and contention caused by literal SQL traffic

      The discussion will be preceded by a review of Oracle cost-based optimizer
      theory, which will lay the foundation for better understanding of the
      implications and rewards that these new features represent.  DBAs, Oracle
      System Administrators, and Developers alike will find this an informative
      presentation which will equip them with intuitive, real world examples
      of these new capabilities in practice, as well as provide them with a
      solid foundation of theoretical knowledge about Oracle performance
      optimization, and how to take advantage of the new features of Oracle 8i
      in their own shops.

      Location: Birmingham Marriott   (On 280 E., just outside the I-459 loop.)        
                3590 Grandview Parkway        
                Phone: 205-968-3775              
      11:15              Registration
      11:30-11:50        Lunch
      11:55-12:45        Presentation
      12:45-12:55        Questions
      12:55-1:00         Door Prizes          

       Brack Rowe, Sales Manager


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