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FW: DBA World Tour 2001

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  • Hill, Jim
    Jim Hill HEALTHSOUTH 205.970.5955 ... From: Michael R. Ault [mailto:mikerault@earthlink.net] Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 3:57 PM Subject: DBA World Tour
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      FW: DBA World Tour 2001

      Jim Hill

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      From: Michael R. Ault [mailto:mikerault@...]
      Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 3:57 PM
      Subject: DBA World Tour 2001


      I just wanted to dash off a quick note to as many of the regional user
      groups as was possible. Each of you that have recieved this are
      affiliated with a local users group and that is why you are recieving
      this. many of you know me personally, either from IOUG-A, OOW, other
      meetings, my books, articles or presentations. Some of you are friends.
      All of us are affiliated in one way or another with Oracle.

      These days it seems impossible to keep up with Oracle changes. I know I
      spend a majority of my non-work time just trying to keep abreast of the
      new features..and that is only for DBA related issues, let alone all the
      other Oracle aspects!

      This is why I decided to put together the DBA World Tour 2001. I wanted
      to pull together some of the leaders in the field of Oracle Database
      Administration and  have them present the topics that they felt where
      most important for DBAs. Don Burleson is presenting on tuning, Robert
      Freeman on Backup and Recovery, Marlene Theriault on general DBA issues
      and of course, myself on database administration. We also have other
      speakers we utilize time-to-time such as Debbie Wong on backup and
      recovery and Ari Kaplan on DBA tips and tricks.

      All of this in a concentatrated two-day format that will present a
      maximum amount of DBA knowledge in a minimum amount of time. I have
      attached some additional information which I hope you willpass on to
      your members if possible. If not, I understand that policies and rules
      for your various groups may prevent it.

      Any way, the next event is in Tampa-Clearwater Beach, Florida, May
      20-22, 2001. You can find out more information at www.dbagroup.net in
      the DBA World Tour section of the website. We are also planning seminars
      for Dallas, Seattle, Washington and Chicago in the USA as well as London
      and Paris in Europe.

      Our biggest hurdle is getting the information about these seminars to
      the DBAs and Oracle people who need to know about it. To that end I
      realize that the regional user groups are a vital link to the users in
      their communities.

      Thanks for any help you can provide.

      Mike Ault
      Senior Seminar leader
      DBAGroup LLC

      (PS, I got your name by harvesting from the various website listings
      posted on the www.oracle.com site and then going to each website, so
      don't worry, you aren't on a list someone is selling...and I certainly
      won't share it!)


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