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265Data Mining & Business Intelligence - One day course

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  • Jim Hill
    Nov 9, 2005
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      UAB one day course opportunity

      Executive Overview of Data Mining and Business
      Intelligence <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
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      This one day course will provide mid and senior level
      managers with and overview of data mining and business
      intelligence. The course will examine the basic
      concepts and the process of predictive modeling and
      data mining. Technologies associated with data mining
      such as neural networks, association analysis, and
      decision trees will be reviewed and illustrated using
      real world data. New technologies such as text mining
      will be presented. Applications of data mining and
      business intelligence in business areas including
      banking, finance, credit scoring, CRM, marketing,
      manufacturing, and healthcare will be presented. The
      course will conclude with a demonstration of business
      intelligence software tools and a discussion of
      critical success factors for successful
      implementations of data mining projects.

      Instructor : J. Michael Hardin, Ph.D.

      For more detailed information and registration see

      Contact for any questions:

      Warren T. Jones, Ph.D.
      Professor Emeritus
      Department of Computer and Information Sciences
      University of Alabama at Birmingham
      Birmingham, Alabama 35294-1170
      Phone: (205) 934-3372
      Fax: (205) 934-5473

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