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260Complexities of Oracle Licensing

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  • Jim Hill
    Sep 21, 2005
      We're considering bringing in a company in November
      (tentatively on the 17th) that specializes in dealing
      with the complexities of Oracle software licensing.
      Please read the attached info sheet and let me know if
      you would attend a mid-day luncheon about this topic.
      Note: I'm not asking for an RSVP at this time, but we
      do need to guage the level of interest.

      Also, I'd like to send a special invitation to those
      in your companies with budgetary responsibilities for
      Oracle software purchases. I think they would have a
      special interest in this topic. Just send me their
      names and email addresses and I'll send out the

      Thank you in advance for your help.

      Jim Hill

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