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246Fwd: Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the publication of Oracle PL/SQL Programming (OPP2005)

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  • Jim Hill
    Jul 6, 2005
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      If you are interested in learning more about PL/SQL
      (or if you'd like to go on a business related trip to
      the Chicago are) please read on...

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      > Subject: Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the
      > publication of Oracle PL/SQL Programming (OPP2005)
      > Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 11:15:12 -0400
      > Dear Jim and Brian:
      > On November 2 and 3, 2005, Steven Feuerstein will
      > celebrate the 10th
      > anniversary of the publication of his now-classic
      > Oracle PL/SQL Programming
      > by holding a two-day PL/SQL-focused conference:
      > Oracle PL/SQL Programming
      > (OPP2005), in Rosemont, Illinois (Chicago area).
      > Given his popularity with
      > Oracle user groups around the world, I am writing to
      > ask you to inform your
      > members of the event.
      > OPP2005 is the first of its kind and a unique
      > opportunity to learn from some
      > of the most respected and experienced PL/SQL experts
      > in the world. For
      > individuals who write PL/SQL programs, this is a
      > must-attend event.
      > Highlights include:
      > * Keynote presentation by Steven Feuerstein;
      > * Presentations from Steven Feuerstein, Bryn
      > Llewellyn (PL/SQL Product
      > Manager), and Marcel Kratochvil (winner of Oracle
      > Magazine 2004 PL/SQL
      > Developer of the Year);
      > * In-depth trainings in three tracks:
      > o "In-Depth PL/SQL" by Steven Feuerstein: Learn best
      > practices and features
      > of Oracle PL/SQL to help you make the most of the
      > language.
      > o "Developing Multimedia Applications for the
      > Internet" by Marcel
      > Kratochvil: Attend three sessions that will show you
      > how to use PL/SQL to
      > handle the most complex requirements.
      > o "Oracle PL/SQL-The View from Redwood Shores" by
      > Bryn Llewellyn: Hear
      > directly from the PL/SQL Product Manager about the
      > latest version of Oracle
      > and its capabilities.
      > All participants will receive a signed copy of the
      > 4th edition of Oracle
      > PL/SQL Programming, to be published in September
      > 2005 and covering all
      > versions of PL/SQL, including Oracle Database 10g
      > Release 2.
      > For more detailed information regarding this
      > conference, please visit
      > www.oracleplsqlprogramming.com/opp2005.
      > Steven Feuerstein is a renowned author and one of
      > the world's leading
      > experts on the Oracle PL/SQL language. He has
      > published nine books on the
      > subject (O'Reilly Media) and has been honored with
      > several prestigious
      > awards, most recently the Oracle Development Tools
      > User Group (ODTUG)
      > Editor's Choice Award for recognition of exceptional
      > technical content and
      > visual presentation in his 2005 conference paper,
      > Programming Humility:
      > Dealing with the Reality of Errors, which he
      > recently presented to a full
      > house at the ODTUG NOW! 2005 conference. He also
      > received the Best
      > Presentation Award for Gee Whiz: New PL/SQL Toys in
      > Oracle 10g, given at
      > last year's ODTUG conference.
      > Steven has long been a strong supporter of Oracle
      > user groups. He would like
      > to make sure that they are both represented at, and
      > benefit from OPP2005. To
      > that end, he will provide a 1.5 hour webinar at no
      > cost to the three Oracle
      > user groups that have the highest number of
      > registrants at OPP2005.
      > We hope that you will include information about this
      > exciting PL/SQL
      > conference on your web site and also inform your
      > members about OPP2005.
      > Steven will be happy to make articles and other
      > resources available for your
      > membership newsletters to keep them better informed
      > about happenings in the
      > PL/SQL world.
      > Please contact me if you would like your Oracle user
      > group to participate in
      > free Webinar program and/or would like to take
      > advantage of Steven's
      > resources.
      > Regards,
      > Robyn Drew

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