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167Oracle User Group - This Thursday

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  • Hill, Jim
    Apr 23, 2002
      Oracle User Group - This Thursday

      Thanks to the Merant Corporation for providing this month's presentation.  I hope to see you there.

      Please RSVP by replying to this message so that we can arrange for a proper meeting room setup.


      April CAOUG Meeting

      Customizations, Patches, Upgrades;
      Managing Change at e-Business Speed
      - presented by Brian Benham from Merant Corporation

      DATE: Thursday, April 25th
      TIME: 11:30 am
      PLACE: EnteGreat
      LUNCH: Bring you own, including drink


      EnteGreat University is on the first floor of the 1900 building
      at International Park, just off I-459 on Acton Road.
      There is a hot link to a map at

      Presentation Overview


      Customizations, patches, upgrades; managing change at e-business speed.


      Whether you're in maintenance mode or migrating to 11i, you've felt some pains
      from patches, upgrades and setup changes.  Manually managing customizations is
      a difficult task.  This paper will show that managing the effects and adoption
      of change can be done at e-business speed through the use of Automated Processes.

      Executive Summary:

      Throughout the evolution of Oracle, companies have spent an enormous amount of
      time either improving functionality within the standard Oracle Applications or
      creating functionality that Oracle doesn't have through customizations.  The
      problem with customizations is the cost of ownership continues to increase with
      each patch and/or upgrade that Oracle puts out.  Falling behind on patches and/or
      current releases can cause you to lose your support from Oracle, but installing
      some of their patches can literally shut down your business for hours or days. 
      Companies are forced to apply patches that they know will affect more than what
      they were designed to fix.  Trying to identify the impact of a patch or upgrade is
      like the proverbial needle in a hay stack.  Companies spend large quantities of
      time and resources trying to identify the impact of changes that come in the form
      of patches, upgrades and customizations.  The problem in the past is that this has
      traditionally been done through manual processes, which generally prove less than
      100% accurate.  This paper focuses on a solution that offers automated processes
      change within your Oracle environments.  Automated processes eliminate the
      problems associated with manual processes and provide better audit trail.


      Jim Hill