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161FW: Scripts and PPT

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  • Hill, Jim
    Apr 4, 2002
      FW: Scripts and PPT

      Terry Stough's presentation and several hundred scripts have been uploaded to the files section of the caoug-announcements site at yahoogroups.  You should have already received a message with details about how to download the files.

      Please see Terry's message below...


      Jim Hill

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      Subject: Scripts and PPT


      I have attached a ZIP file containing the following:

         The PPT file I used for the March 28th CAOUG meeting.

         Basic Scripts I Created (several hundred total) For
             SQL / PLSQL
             Advanced PLSQL
             Arch. & Admin.
             Performance Tuning

      Documentation is also included for most of these scripts.  Before installing
      or using any of these scripts, the documentation and the scripts themselves
      should be reviewed and modified as appropriate.

      Note that these scripts were designed for teaching purposes and may appear to
      be a bit simplistic for advanced users.  However, even advanced users
      normally don't know everything there is to know about Oracle and I am sure
      that everyone who explores these scripts will find a few "jewels" and new
      techniques among them.

      If anyone has any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

      I look forward to attending next month's CAOUG meeting.