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149Next Oracle User Group meeting - Log Miner - Feb 21st

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  • Hill, Jim
    Feb 14, 2002
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      Next Oracle User Group meeting - Log Miner - Feb 21st

      Thank you to Tim Robinson and El Paso for providing the facilities and
      to Rick Goudeau of Clearwinds Technologies for doing the presentation.

      Please RSVP if you plan on attending. Just reply to this message
      to RSVP.

      NOTE: This is a bring your own lunch meeting.  We'll have several door
      prizes, including proceedings CD's from the IOUG-A Live 2001.

      Oracle LogMiner
      -Presented by Rick Goudeau of Clearwinds Technologies-
      DATE: Thursday, February 21st
      TIME: 11:30 am
      PLACE: El Paso Corporation
      LUNCH: Bring you own, including drink
              (food court in the Harbert Center)

      Oracle LogMiner

      LogMiner is an Oracle 8.1 new feature. It allows you to format and
      display data from the archive redo logs. This is useful in tracking
      data changes, or planning a point in time recovery, and perhaps
      doing some data trend analysis.  Logminer consists a series of Pl/Sql
      procedures, and v$sql views to extract and display log data.

      Rick Goudeau is an Oracle database consultant with Clearwinds
      Technologies.  Rick has been a dba for more years than he would like
      to remember, and has been using Oracle in a variety of environments
      since 1990 starting with release 6.0. Clearwinds provides local database,
      systems engineering, networking, and security services. 

      El Paso Corporation
      1900 5th Avenue North
      Birmingham, AL 35202-2563
      The procedure when you get to the building is to go to the 20th floor and
      sign in. You will be directed to the 29th floor and we'll have a sign

      There will be some limited parking available in the deck attached to the
      building (enter on 19th street). Around lunch time it may be enough. There's
      plenty of parking in the BPA deck #7 at the corner of 18th Street and 5th
      Ave (enter on 17th street or 18th street).

      We hope to see you there.

      Jim Hill