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135Next Oracle User Group meeting - Oct 18

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  • Hill, Jim
    Oct 11, 2001
      Next Oracle User Group meeting - Oct 18

      Thanks again to Entegreat University for providing the facilities and
      to Network Appliance for providing our lunch and presentation.

      NOTE: Please RSVP by noon on Monday if you plan on attending.  Just
              reply to this message to RSVP.

      Multi-Tiered Computing and Appliance Architecture
      - Presented by Network Appliance -

      DATE:                   Thursday, October 18
      TIME:                   11:30 am
      PLACE:                  Entegreat University
      LUNCH:                  Provided by Network Appliance
      RSVP REQUIRED:          Yes

      EnteGreat University is on the first floor of the 1900 building at International
      Park, just off I-459 on Acton Road.
      There is a hot link to a map at <<http://www.entegreat.com/eg_contactus.htm>>

      TOPIC:          Multi-Tiered Computing and Appliance Architecture
      PRESENTER:      Tom Yarmas
                      Database Specialist
                      Network Appliance
      Complexity is rampant in today's IT and storage infrastructures. In fact,
      to be mission-critical is almost synonymous with adding multiple layers
      of redundant hardware and software to make a system bulletproof.

      As complexity grows, time to design, deploy and maintain any IT
      infrastructure grows exponentially. This increased "time-to" in almost
      everything leads to higher costs in both people and uptime lost due to
      business downtime, whether planned or unplanned.

      The presentation will analyze this complexity and ways to fight it that
      are founded on the simplicity of appliance architecture.


      Mark your calendars for this event.

      Jim Hill