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Re: texts of CaoDaism

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      1. I know there are 4 texts in CaoDaism, but I only know 1 of them- Phap
      Chanh Truyen. What are the others?>>

      +++ Dear Jane,
      I wonder where do you get this number 4 from? What do you mean by texts? If
      you want to mean CaoDai books there are a lot of them. It depends on what
      field you are interested
      in, I can name somes of the books:
      In exoterism, at Tay Ninh Holy See:
      1- Phap Chanh Truyen as you are already aware of,
      2- Tan Luat (New Codes)
      3- Thanh Ngon Hiep Tuyen (Selected Collection of the Holy Messages)
      4- Kinh Thien Dao va The Dao (Celestine and Secular Prayers)
      5- Su Dao (CaoDai history) There are many books in this category.
      6- Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do (The Third Revelation of the Great Way)
      7- Chanh Tri Dao (Religious Administrative Organization)
      8- Dai Dao Can Nguyen (The Origin of the Great Way)
      9- Thuong Pham Cao Quynh Cu (Biography of Thuong Pham Cao Quynh Cu)
      10- Thanh Giao Suu Tap (Collection of the Holy Messages) etc....

      In esoterism, there are books of Chieu Minh Sect:
      1- Dai Thua Chon Giao (The Great Carriage of the True Way)
      2- Lich Su Duc Ngo Van Chieu (The Biography of Sir Ngo Van Chieu)...

      <<2.In exoterism, followers are to -

      * Complete 'duties' towards oneself, family, society, country, living
      beings and nature
      What duties might these be?>>

      +++ Essentially duty as a human is to help humanity, to help each other to
      lead a good, happy life, to do good and avoid evil. Obligations are derived
      from the principles "LOVE AND JUSTICE."
      Love is the true love to each other without personal interest
      (unconditional). Justice is the golden rules. (Do to others what you wish to
      be done for you)
      Toward oneself, one has to maintain self good spiritual and physical health.
      Toward family: be a good child toward parents, a good brother or sister and
      a good spouse.
      Toward society: participate to good activity serving the community.
      Toward the country: Serve for the best of the country
      Toward living beings and nature: Love and justice toward living beings and
      nature. Do not destroy nature etc...

      << * Participate in 'ritual acts' of devotion and worship. These occur
      6am, noon, 6pm and midnight either at the temple or in front of an altar at
      What ritual acts are these.

      +++ How are daily worship services performed at the altar?

      ���� Traditionally, CaoDaists put their two hands together: the left hand
      represents the active principle with its thumb pointing at the base of the
      left ring finger, and the other fingers wrapping around the thumb.� The right
      hand, representing the receptive principle, supports and wraps around the
      left hand, with right thumb pointing at the base of the left index finger.�
      The two hands joined together in this way symbolize the interaction between
      active and receptive principles which together have formed the universe and
      all its beings.
      ���� A regular traditional service follows this pattern:
      ���� 1. Followers show their mutual respect by saluting one another with one
      ���� 2. Followers face the altar and bow three times with hands joined
      together as above moving from forehead (representing respect to Cao Dai) to
      knees (respect to Earth or Goddess) and resting at the chest (respect to
      Humanity) at the end of each bow.
      ���� 3. Now kneeling, followers bring their joined hands to the forehead,
      left temple and right temple, while saying respectively Nam Mo Phat, Nam Mo
      Phap, Nam Mo Tang, to symbolically show their commitment to God, the Holy
      Teachings, and Humanity.� This follows a pattern of original Buddhist
      ���� 4. Next, prayers are sung for up to approximately forty-five minutes,
      praising the Supreme Being and various Great Religions of the world.� The
      prayers are written in sophisticated verses that have been received during
      sessions of spiritual contact.
      5. Next is the prayer for offering of either flowers, or wine, or tea or
      all three.
      6. Finally, is the five vows, kind of prayers for peace on earth.

      I hope you find the answers useful.
      Will address the other questions next time.
      Best wishes.
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