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Re: CaoDaism

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    Subj: Re: caodaism Date: 99-03-16 19:27:30 EST
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      Subj: Re: caodaism
      Date: 99-03-16 19:27:30 EST

      hi Hum,
      This is Jane Nelson again. I've thought about some questions and it
      would be excellent if you could try to answer them.
      What are some of the malor events cellebrated in the caodai religion?>>

      +++ Dear Jane,
      You have really good questions.
      There are three major events in CaoDai:
      1. Ceremony dedicated to the Supreme Being celebrated on the 9th day of the
      first lunar month. The reason for choosing this date is because this date is
      the most yang date of the most yang month of the year. The Supreme Being is
      the most yang logos, and the Mother Goddess is the most yin logos. You may
      need to know about Yin (negative or female principle) and Yang (positive or
      male principle) to understand the formation of the universe and of human
      beings. Everything consists of Yin (electrons) and Yang (protons). If you like
      we may talk more about Yin and Yang later.
      2. Ceremony dedicated to the Mother Goddess on the 15th day of the 8th lunar
      month of the year. This date was the date when the first CaoDai disciples
      organized the first meeting with the Mother Goddess (spirit) in 1925. It is
      called "Hoi Yen Dieu Tri" (the feast for the Dieu Tri Palace, the Palace of
      the Mother Goddess).
      3. Ceremony for the anniversary of the opening of CaoDai on the 15th day of
      the 10th lunar month. This opening ceremony was in 1926.
      Besides, there are many others dedicated to Sakya Muni the Gautama, Lao Tse,
      Confucius, Jesus Christ, Kwan Yin Boddhisavah, Ly Thai Bach, the spiritual
      Giao Tong (Pope) of CaoDai....

      << What is the significance of the dress, in the ritual of services?>>

      +++ The dress for everyone is a white "ao dai" (white dress). The white color
      represents purity and also unity. From white there are all other colors among
      them seven principals include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and
      purple, the colors of a rainbow. All other colors represents the diversity of
      all religions which in reality are manifestations of one truth (white color)
      thru a prism. This concurs with CaoDai principle that all religions come from
      one truth, the Supreme Being (or CaoDai in Vietnamese).
      The dress of dignitaries of the executive body is of three separate colors:
      yellow, blue, and red, the three primary colors (colors that are not resulting
      from a mixture of other colors) representing respectively three main
      religions, religions for Buddhas (Hinduism, Buddhism), religions for Immortals
      (Taoism), and religions for Saints (Judaism, Christianity, Islam).

      << I don't really understand the role of the woman who we are closest to in
      our physical form? Can you explain further?>>

      +++ The role of woman is like the role of the Mother Goddess. The Mother
      Goddess is the mother of the visible physical universe. She gives birth to and
      raises the visible world. The visible world inherit the yang spirit
      (invisible) from the Supreme Being, and the physical appearance from the
      Mother Goddess. The woman has the role of a mother in secular life, giving
      birth to and raising children (feeding and educating). Feeding makes children
      grow physically. Educating makes them grow spiritually. The ultimate purpose
      of spiritual growth is to be one with the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being
      taught: "I, your Master, am you, My children; and you are Me." The physical
      body or the secular life is a means for the spirit to learn, be educated and
      grow. The mother has therefore a very important role in guiding her children
      in this life.

      << Do you have a book like the bible that you follow?>>

      +++ There are two books. The "Thanh Ngon Hiep Tuyen" (Selected Spiritual
      Messages) is for exoteric practice. The "Dai Thua Chon Giao" (The Great
      Vehicle to the Truth) is for esoteric practice.

      <<How can it be that all religions can be one when christians main focus
      is the death of Jesus and the Muslim's believe that Jesus didn't really
      die, but someone died in his place?>>

      +++ People may see the one same truth differently, and express it in different
      ways, using different languages. The ultimate truth is that everyone has the
      Supreme Being (whether it is called Yewah or Allah) in their heart. The
      details that people believe in religions may be different and even
      contradictory. You may write to Todd Berry ( ramjisan@...) and Ed
      Benveng (malikshah@...) about this issue. Todd is studying religions in
      Indiana, and Ed is teaching religions in Brazil.

      << Do you practice esoterism, or exoterism? What do you do in following
      this? How are they different?>>

      +++ I am practicing both. Exoterically, I am serving humanity in observing
      justice (Do unto others as you would have others do to you). Esoterically, I
      cultivate myself by meditation. The difference between the two is that
      exoteric practice takes care of the Yin part (physical body) and esoteric
      practice takes care of the Yang part (the spirit) of humanity.

      << Cao-Dai - how do you know that the civil servant that CaoDai contacted
      was telling the truth?>>

      +++ One has to be very careful about spiritual messages. The ones coming from
      CaoDai and other Superior Spirits would not teach anything for personal
      interests. They always taught the way to cultivate self to reach peace on
      earth and oneness with the Suprem Being [which is justice (exoteric) and love
      (esoteric)]. To avoid abuse, CaoDai had stopped giving spiritual messages in
      1928 for the purpose of expanding religion, the subsequent spiritual messages
      were just for educational purpose.

      << Is CaoDaism dominant in the south or north Vietnam, or equally
      represented in both.>>

      +++ CaoDai had started and is more prominent in the South.

      << How does Buddha come into this religion?
      How does Christianity come into this religion?
      Why is it that you can belong to another faith and belong to the CaoDai
      faith at the same time?>>

      +++ At the beginning, the initial CaoDai disciples had also received spiritual
      messages from Buddha and Jesus. Buddhism and Christianity were different
      manifestations of CaoDai. Therefore, anyone of any faith may be considered as
      CaoDai at the same time.

      << Do you know any statistics on the amount of caodaists that have migrated
      from vietnam to australia?
      Do you know any CaoDaists who are situated in Sydney, Australia?>>

      +++ CaoDaists in Australia are mostly exoteric. In Sydney, you may contact the
      following brothers:

      Tam C. Dao
      Sydney University Library
      Phone: 02 9351 2602
      e-mail: tdao@...

      Giao C. Nguyen
      50 Terry st
      Tempe, NSW 2044

      Loc Q. Tran
      15 Margareta Close
      Guildford, NSW 2161
      Ph: 2 9632 9121

      Minh C. Mai
      277 Canley Vale Rd
      Canley Vale, NSW 2166
      Ph: 2 9604 9997

      << These are the main questions that I have come up with so far. If you
      have anything else to add please do so.
      Thanks for your time
      Yours sincerely
      Jane Nelson>>

      +++ Feel free to ask more questions.
      Best wishes. I am looking forward to hearing more from you.
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