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8285Re: [canondigicamhacking] Re: Boot image for the 300D?

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  • Fred A. Miller
    Jul 16, 2013
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      On 07/15/2013 09:17 AM, Mark wrote:
      > It might be a bit before I get time to dig into it. However I have another 300D coming from Ebay, I'm hopeful I can use it to get a foothold into the broken 300D.

      Ok....play time.

      > I've got a 16 core Linux box sitting in my living room running my house, it's come in handy to expand the firmware images for extracting files. Desktop is a Windows machine because I need that for other apps. I like the mixed environment, best of both worlds.

      Well, not much good I can say about MickySoft. I normally build my own
      boxen....this one is an Intel i7 2600 based system running reliably at
      4.3Ghz. and 16G fast RAM. CPU and RAM is cooled quite well. It's a nice
      box to use Gimp for post processing images from my Canon 7D.


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