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8282Boot image for the 300D?

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  • Mark
    Jul 12 7:31 AM
      I tried to flash UnDutchable on a 300D I got cheap. It got to 84% and froze, now the camera won't boot. It's probably my fault for using a 4gb CF card partitioned to be a 1.5gb drive.

      It's not quite dead, when I have a CF card in, and put a battery in, the CF light blinks once. Seeing this, I extracted the DiskA.img file from the firmware and wrote it to an 8mb CF card (I have a patch BTW if anyone can't get the extract running under 64bit Linux, I'll try to post it when I'm at home). With the image written to the card, when I put in the battery it blinks several times. If I remove the camera.exe from the CF card, it again goes back to blinking once. To me this indicates it's reading the CF, and running the camera.exe file.

      Has anyone been in this situation before? I'm more than happy to experiment, I picked up an XTi to use as my camera, so the 300D is a "let's see what happens" kind of project. My next step was to setup a 16bit compiler and see if I could get any data off of the camera, to see what's on the A: and B: partition, free time being the limited commodity at this point.

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