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8255Re: There are hacks for the 350D and 400D out there

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  • sharpstik
    Mar 16, 2012
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      And that's what this group is for, sharing information. Would you please add that link in the links section?
      I'll update the homepage and files with that.
      I have a 350D too and am glad to see this.
      bill keiser - moderator

      > I just joined, and the out-of-date FAQ I received upon arrival here states that there are no other hacked EOS digicams. I've just gotten my first DSLR, a Rebel XT (350D) and I found a forum where they discuss a CF-card based hack, which can be read into the camera upon booting and allows lots of added features, like spot metering, custom color temp, exposure bracketing, "safe-shift" in Av and Tv(?), total shutter counts, time-lapse settings, ISOs up to 3200, etc. Very different than the 300D hacking, because of the different OS the newer cameras run (different architecture, too, ARM vs X86.)
      > More info here: http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/350D

      > Scott in Penfield NY
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