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Presbyterians divest from Israel! Jews for Peace approve! Historic!

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    See also; Nuns squeeze Caterpillar. http://www.wfn.org/2004/08/msg00009.html and http://www.wfn.org/2004/08/msg00010.html Selective divestment strategy.
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      Tuesday, August 10, 2004
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      JULY 27, 2004
      6:47 PM
      CONTACT:  Jewish Voice for Peace
      Mitchell Plitnick 510-465-1777
      National Jewish Group Applauds Presbyterian Church�s Historic Stand Against Israel�s Occupation

      WASHINGTON - July 27 - Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), the largest grassroots Jewish peace group of its kind in the United States, applauds the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) for its recent vote to explore divesting from companies who profit from the harming of �innocent people, Palestinian or Israeli.� Far from being an attack on Jews, the PCUSA decision to investigate selective divestment as a way to end Israel�s 37-year occupation is in the best Judeo-Christian tradition of supporting universal human rights and justice.

      JVP supports PCUSA�s decision because we believe that the US government has failed to be an honest broker for peace, and that targeted economic efforts by citizens� groups are therefore necessary to reach a lasting peace in the region.

      JVP asserts that working to end the Israeli occupation, which is illegal according to international law, is the best way to help the Jewish people build a future free from terror and anti-Semitism. We believe that people who care deeply about the welfare of Jews, Israelis and Palestinians should take a similar stand against a military occupation which is harmful to all parties. Further, we deplore attempts to dismiss as anti-Semitic any legitimate criticism of the policies of the state of Israel.

      Responsible investment by institutions, including churches, governments, corporations and individuals, is a vital tool in bringing a just peace to the troubled region of Israel-Palestine. When a 3-million member institution with the fiscal clout and moral credibility of PCUSA takes a stand, others will soon follow.

      In the same spirit, JVP�s campaign to persuade the Caterpillar Corporation to stop providing Israel with US-funded specialized bulldozers for destroying Palestinian homes is supported by groups like Amnesty International and the United Nations. Strong economies on both sides enhance the prospects for peace. Investment in Israel�s occupation, in its illegal separation wall and its settlements can only harm both Israelis and Palestinians in the long run.


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      World sanctions against U.S.-aided Israeli occupation may be the best hope for world peace and justice. Peace also comes with Ralph Nader, runoff elections, and proportional representation; Vote for Kerry if he publicly supports runoff voting! The USA is a failed democracy - a Republicrat corporatist duopoly.

      Casualty counters. 
      U.S. deaths in Iraq.

      From the CannabisAction Yahoo Group homepage:

      U.S. drug-war ads say drugs fund terrorism. Terrorism begins/ends with EVIL crazed-Texan, Armageddonist, self-styled "Christian Zionist," U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's support of fundamentalist Israeli settler terrorism and land theft:

      Most were civilians:
      - Rachel Corrie.


      DescriptionCategory: Marijuana

      Emperor Bush!



      EVIL fundamentalist, Armageddonist!


      Axis of EVIL: USA, Israel, and Iran are competing theocracies and terror states. U.S. drug-war ads say drugs fund terrorism. U.S. terrorism begins and ends with crazed EVIL Texan, Armageddonist, U.S. House Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay's support, funding, and arming of EVIL fundamentalist Israeli settler expansion, terrorism, land theft, and murder of people like American Rachel Corrie (photo above) in Gaza and the West Bank in occupied Palestine. It is the EVIL Bush-DeLay, fundamentalist, U.S. Southern Death Cult of Texas and Big Oil! Working with hate radio, hate TV, and the disinfo of EVIL moron pundits at Fox News, MSNBC, Clear Channel, and much of corporatist Big Media.


      Please forward any, or all, of this widely.


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      2004 reports, photos: http://www.corporatism.netfirms.com/mmm2004rep.htm
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      Please forward.
      Vote for John Kerry if he publicly supports runoff voting! :)~~

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