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  • Candy Havens
    Hey Gang, Happy May to you all! There s so much going on this month. The big news is Charmed & Dangerous has been nominated for two RITA s, a Holt Medallion
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2006
      Hey Gang,

      Happy May to you all! There's so much going on this month. The big
      news is Charmed & Dangerous has been nominated for two RITA's, a Holt
      Medallion and a Write Touch Readers Award. How exciting is that? The
      RITAs are the top honors in the romance industry, and I can't tell you
      how happy I am that the book is receiving such wonderful recognition.

      I signed a new contract with Berkley to do two more Bronwyn books.
      Charmed & Deadly is the third book (I'm working on it now.) and I'm
      thinking about using Charmed & Wicked for the fourth title. Do you
      have some ideas for titles? E-mail me at (tvscoop@...) and
      if I use yours, I'll send you an autographed book.

      Don't forget you can preorder "Charmed & Ready," the second Bron book,
      on Amazon.com. Those preorders help me out a lot and don't forget to
      tell everyone you know about the book. It's because of you guys that
      the first one did so well. Word of mouth is very important.

      Okay, in addition to the title contest, I wondered if you guys would
      like me to open a new loop were you could talk about books and
      writing? If that's something you'd like, please email me.

      Also, please make sure you stop by the blog
      http://candyhavens.livejournal.com for weekly updates, and just to

      One of the nurses at my doctor's office said that Charmed & Dangerous
      helped her daughter learn to love to read. Do you have a story like
      that? Please share it with us on the blog.

      Check the website , www.candacehavens.com, for classes and book signings.

      I'm off to write about Bronwyn saving someone in Africa…

      -Candy Havens
      Charmed & Dangerous
      Charmed & Ready
      Charmed & Deadly
      Charmed & …
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