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29Happy Debut Day!

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  • Candy Havens
    Aug 5, 2008
      Hi Gang,
      For all of you who want more Bronwyn and Kira stories here's your
      chance to make that happen. We need to get the word out about the mass
      market release of "Charmed & Ready." Have you seen the new cover? It
      debuts today and should be in bookstores across the country. If we
      sell a lot of books, I'll get to do more Sweet stories. It's that
      simple. :-)

      To thank you, I'm giving away new bookmarks to anyone who sends me
      their name and address to tvscoop@.... I'd also appreciate
      it if you could let me know if you see "Charmed & Ready" in your local
      bookstores, targets, Wal-Marts, wherever books are sold.

      We've also, in honor of the big book day, launched a new look for
      www.candacehavens.com. Go check it out. You can get to my blogs
      through there and if you make comments on the myspace or livejournal
      blogs your name goes in a hat to win free autographed books. The more
      you comment, the more you are entered!

      Let's celebrate in a big way and don't forget to request those free
      bookmarks by emailing me at tvscoop@....

      Candy Havens