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  • Candy Havens
    Feb 1, 2007
      Hey Gang!
      How are you guys! I wanted to let you know some of the cool news from
      the past few days.

      First, I have a new release out today. DREAMS AND DESIRES: A
      COLLECTION OF ROMANTIC AND EROTIC TALES is on sale at bn.com and
      freyasbower.com in hardback, paperback and e-book. Coolest thing is,
      all of the proceeds go to a woman's shelter. All of the authors,
      including myself, have agreed to donate what would be all of our
      royalties and advances to the cause.

      There are 19 beautiful stories so you get a lot for your money, plus
      you are doing a great thing! The authors include Jenna Bayley-Burke,
      Faith Bicknell-Brown, Amanda Brice, Sela Carsen, Rachelle Chase, Gemma
      Halliday, Candace Havens, Zinnia Hope, Jackie Kessler, Susan Lyons,
      Richelle Mead, Debbie Mumford, Rhonda Stapleton, Bebe Thomas, Emily
      Veinglory, Sasha White, Lois Winston, Shaunna Wolf, and Kit Wylde.

      My story is really different than what you've read from me in the
      past. Please go check it out. Oh, and TONIGHT most of the authors will
      be doing a chat at www.gemmahalliday.com (Book Launch) from 7-9 p.m.
      I'll be there around 7:30, so please come join us. I'd love to hear
      from you guys. And there will be FREE BOOKS.

      I have the title for the fourth book, which is a spin off and it's
      going to be called LIKE A CHARM. That will be out in 2008.

      The third book CHARMED & DEADLY is out June 5, 2007.

      Another way to get FREE BOOKS is to come visit and post on my blog at
      http://candyhavens.livejournal.com We've had two big winners so far
      this year and I'll be announcing this past month's winner tomorrow!

      Okay, that's it for now...

      Candy Havens