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Re: [cancercure] Thymustherapy breakthrough in tr eating cancer and HIV/Aids?/Response by Dr.B.-- Zadaxin®

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  • Carolyn Bormann
    Dear Kees: Greetings. Yes, we ve used Zadaxin® in our clinic in Tijuana for about 3 years now...it is a semisynthetic thymosin -alpha 1 (don t have to worry
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2003
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      Dear Kees:
      Greetings. Yes, we've used Zadaxin® in our clinic in Tijuana for about
      3 years now...it is a semisynthetic thymosin -alpha 1 (don't have to
      worry about getting infected with viruses, etc. from animal-sourced
      thymus peptides). We see dramatic changes in lab values and immune
      function which are consistent, which we never got with animal based
      traditional live cell extracts, etc.....It is expensive, about
      $350/dose but it flat out works...most patients get it, and especially
      our cancer patients...here's the company's website...
      On Wednesday, July 2, 2003, at 01:19 AM, C.W. Braam wrote:

      > d.d. 2th of july 2003: Monash University scientists have made
      > significant inroads into the treatment of cancer, a development that
      > could give millions of patients a chance of prolonging their lives or
      > even beating the disease. Researchers call the thymustherapy the
      > biggest breakthrough in the development of a curing treatment for
      > cancer and HIV/Aids from the last twenty years. Read at page other
      > alternatives-thymustherapy about what the researchers discovered about
      > the role of the thymusgland and how to use their findings in a
      > treatment for cancer and aids/HIV
      > Gr. kees braam
      > webmaster www.kanker-actueel.nl/index_e.html
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