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Lucky you

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8:07 PM

Re: Avamar as cancer therapy

From: "david emerson daviddecemerson@... [cancercure]" >avamar as cancer therapy? Yes, it's a moderately effective cancer therapy. From my notes: MECHANISMS
7:09 PM

Avamar as cancer therapy

Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of avamar as cancer therapy? "Avemar is a nontoxic wheat germ extract registered as a special nutriment for
david emerson
5:40 PM

Re: meningioma (was Burzynski method allowed here?anyone with ex...

No that is not fact on side effects. I have a bottle full of the  Trametes Coriolus Versicolor here at my shop and it is about 20.00 per 100 capsules. I took
ed ward
10:06 AM

Re: meningioma (was Burzynski method allowed here?anyone with ex...

Where can I buy Turkey Tail Mushroom capsules? How many mgs to be taken daily? Can they be used for Breast Cancer along with Chemotherapy? R Turkey Tail
May 3

Re: Cancer Test Breakthrough.

There has been a test for any cancer cells of any type anywhere in your body, and this test is more accurate than any "predictor" could be. It's called the
Jonathan Campbell
May 2

Re: Cancer Test Breakthrough.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3062656/Could-scientists-soon-pred ict-cancer-DECADE-advance-Breakthrough-pave-way-new-blood-test-disease.html In a
May 2

Cancer Test Breakthrough.

Cancer Breakthrough: Researches say they have developed a test that can predict with 100% certainty if a person will get cancer in the next 13 years. See why
May 2

Re: Burzynsky method allowed here? anyone with experience?

Hi Katharina- My name is David Emerson. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in ’94. After 3 years of conventional therapies including an auto sct,
david emerson
May 1

The May LDN Research Trust Newsletter

Hi Everyone, This link will take you to the latest edition of the LDN Research Trust Newsletter: http://www.ldnresearchtrust.org/sites/default/files/May.pdf
Dudley Delany
May 1

Re: meningioma (was Burzynski method allowed here?anyone with ex...

Hi Ed, thanks for your input. The Turkey Tail Mushroom is Trametes Coriolus Versicolor, isn't it? Take only the amount of half your little finger nail and you
May 1

Re: meningioma (was Burzynski method allowed here?anyone with ex...

Hi Shelley, minimal invasion surgery is the closest option for her doctors. Thanks a lot, Katharina
May 1

Re: meningioma (was Burzynski method allowed here?anyone with ex...

Graviola (See also N-Tense) Nearly 25 years ago it was discovered that the leaf of the Peruvian Graviola tree contained natural compounds having exceptional
ed ward
May 1

File - howto_unsub.txt

How to Use a Mail List (so others will be proud of you) I am writing this because some people have such a difficult time dealing with mailing lists. READ THIS
May 1

Re: meningioma (was Burzynski method allowedk here?anyone with exper

Leonard you're right. Immune therapy doesn't work for bening tumors. Chirurgy is the best option. I don't know if Laserchirurgy or IRE might me an option? Kees
May 1
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