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  • canadian_spellcaster
    Greetings and Merry Meet :-) Hopefully everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer s end and looking forward to a new found autumn that s soon to be upon us.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2002
      Greetings and Merry Meet :-)

      Hopefully everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer's end and
      looking forward to a new found autumn that's soon to be upon us.
      Personally, I'm getting antsy because it isn't gonna be all that much
      longer before it's Samhain/Halloween.

      Anywho, just checking in... that and wondering if it's always this
      quiet?? That or is my mail not working properly??? Only received one
      message in months.

      I have no idea what permissions we have or even those that we
      require, but I just wanted to share my personal community with you.
      *Crossing fingers here*... hopefully we're allowed. I haven't found
      it to be stated as otherwise yet but who knows??? Maybe I'm a first.
      LoL. Highly unlikely, I know. LoL. Well, I have a personal community
      that I would like to extend an invitation to all to stop by and
      visit, browse, learn, interact or even join in and take part. I built
      the pages with Solitarians and Coven members alike in mind. It is for
      beginners, practitioners, advanced Witches and Crones. You'll find
      most anything "Witchy"... and if ya don't... kindly suggest it in an
      e-mail or on one of my message boards and I'll see what I can do to
      research and then share my findings and knowledge as soon as
      possible. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, your suggestions
      will promptly be acknowledged and the PROPER information will be set
      on a page or pages for you to peruse and continue in your learning :-
      ) My little corner has been constructed out of my love for my chosen
      path and I am simply "there" to share my knowledge and hopefully help
      someone in their journey along the way.

      My little home is called )O( The Magickal Blend )O( and can be
      located here:


      All are MORE than Welcome and I hope to somehow be of help :-)

      Much luv'n light and all things right,

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