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Re: Press Release - 10 June 2008 - Convention "Samhain 2008" at 4* Retreat

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    My Last message was completely scrambled by something. Don;t ask me why this happened. No Idea. Here is my message again. Hi Folks This new convention on the
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      My Last message was completely scrambled by something. Don;t ask me why this happened. No Idea. Here is my message again.

      Hi Folks

      This new convention on the Quebec side looks very promissing. I look forward to attending this year and I am hoping many off you will also support this new vent.

      Solitary Pagans or not this will prove to be a great way to connect with other Pagans of All Paths.

      I find the price amazing considering it includes the accomodation in this 4 star resort, meals, workshops, and all the other ammenities.

      NO EXTRA COSTS FOR VENDORS. Please check out their information for selling your goods.

      If you wish more information on this event please visit their website,

      join their facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb#/group.php?gid=12860195870

      or contact them.
      1-800-567-6763 and ask for Jolaine

      AKA Pagan Owl

      P.S. This is NOT a Upper Canada Pagan Gathering organized event.

      I am Risingphoenix, aka Jolaine Ouellet, and I am the one that is organizing the samhain 2008 event in Mont-Tremblant this fall

      I would like to say a big thank you for fuega for helping me get started as well as hobbes and pagan owl for supporting me in this very big project

      Here is basically the information that you may need to make a decision for as if you are to join us or not.

      The event itself is described in general on the invitation, in the pictures section above you will also find the fax reservation form there, and so I will speak of the day by day planning.

      31 of October arrival of the guests with cocktail and an orientation booklet, there will be a meet and greet with cocktail diner, an opening ritual, and then the guests are left to get acquainted to gether as well as with the hotel. (All meals included) there will be a bonfire on the beach

      1 of November breakfast is a hot and cold buffet, then the guests will have the choice of what workshop and conference they want to attend , lunch will either be at the beach or in the restaurant still to be negotiated and then there will be the bazaar. With snacks in the afternoon. We will also be in storing new activates that hopefully if everyone likes them can become a new tradition on their own, I am talking of:

      Elders gathering, the walk of the wise, and the philosopher’s debate

      At night fall we ask that the guests join us in ceremonial robes in the ball room where there will be the beginning of the procession to the beach where the samhain ritual will be held. and then there will be the feast, and then if you have a costume that you want to wear for the ball, or stay in you ceremonial wears. Where we will be giving away attendance prices (all meals included)

      2 of November the guests will be welcomed to the Sunday brunch, and there will be more attendance prices given away and a closing ritual. (Brunch is included)

      Now for what interest you the most, the workshops, the bazaar and all of your advantages and incentives:


      There are many ways for you to make your reservation, you can send it by fax all you have to do is print out the form from the picture section.
      You can go to the www.legrandlodge.com and make your reservation from there.
      You can call us at 1800-567-6763 and ask for Jolaine, that’s me.
      Or you can encourage your favorite web site that has our banner on; by doing it that way you’re giving the web site points for their helping me make this event possible

      The bazaar:

      For every guest that wants a table for the bazaar, it will be given to them free, if they give us a gift certificate or a present from there shop or business.
      There you can gain back all your expenses from the bedroom reservation by selling stuff and you are guaranteed to be known by those that end up with your gift certificate or gift.

      E_ workshops:

      For every guest that wants a conference room to give a workshop, they will get the conference room for free as long as you give a gift certificate or price. The workshop are free for your guest, so yes you will not be making money there but you can easily give part one of 3 at the grand lodge and have the guest show up at your shop to get part 2 and 3.(free publicity)

      O and also, any one that is interested to do a workshop you must inform me as soon as possible to ad you to the list of activities for all to see

      I hope that I have answered all your questions and you have any other questions please feel free to ask me……..it is obvious that if you have reserved your table at the bazaar that you will push for your costumer’s to reserve as well.

      AKA Pagan Owl

      Organizer of...

      Upper Canada Pagan Gathering Events / Evenement du Festival Païen du Haut Canada

      Midgard Festival / Festival Midgard
      Victoria Day Week-end - May 16-19 2008 -
      Fin de semaine de la fête de la reine Victoria - 16-19 Mai 2008 -

      Men's Retreat - End of April / Fin d'Avril - Retraite des Homme
      (Now a Thorn Haven Event)

      http://www.earthworks-design.com/ucpg.htm UCPG Web Page
      http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/UCPGMidgard/ Midgard Chat Group
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UCPGMensRetreat/ Men's Retreat Chat Group

      Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2350173094

      ... and many more.

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