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3rd Honouring The Celts

 Press Release 1 Come join us for the 3rd Honouring Old Religions Festivalwhich we will be Honouring The Celts this year in Alfred Ontario September 1stto
UCPagan Gathering
Jul 9

Midgard 2016 press release 3

21 April 2016 Hail Kin and Kith. With Midgard Festival deadline forpre-registration discounts coming up in 9 days (30 April) we decided to giveyou a quick
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 21, 2016

Re: Yule Overnight Vigil

2 Sleepstill Yule Overnight Vigil With onlytwo sleeps to go for Yule Overnight Vigil I am getting a bunch of things done.I am doing a tons of stuff done.
UCPagan Gathering
Dec 16, 2015

Re: Yule Overnight Vigil

3 Sleeps for Yule Overnight Vigil Just 3 sleeps to go for the YuleOvernight Vigil.  So here are a few more notes for theYule Overnight Vigil. 1.    1.
UCPagan Gathering
Dec 15, 2015

Re: Yule Overnight Vigil

4 Sleeps for Yule Overnight Vigil. I am getting more and more excited. With that said here are a few things I need to post out. 1. As the beds are being booked
UCPagan Gathering
Dec 14, 2015

Yule Overnight Vigil

Looking forward to Yule Overnight Vigil in Alfred between Ottawa and Montreal. Got a few more confirmed today. Love to have you all there but only 50 beds
UCPagan Gathering
Dec 6, 2015

2 Sleeps until Honouring Old Religions

 2 Sleeps to Honouring Old Religions Part 1 The Greeks With Two night to go a lot of the prep work is done for Honouring Old Religions. The marker with the
UCPagan Gathering
Sep 9, 2015

3 Sleeps until Honouring Old Religions

 With 3 sleeps to go I am getting so excited for theinaugural Honouring Old Religions. We have great rates and different packages available. Thestandard is
UCPagan Gathering
Sep 8, 2015

Re: [Ottawa Witches] 1st Annual Honouring Old Religions Festival in

Greeting Fellow Greeks for a weekend. With 4 sleeps to go here are some quick updates on Honouring Old Religions Part 1 The Greeks.  Friday is Toga Party
UCPagan Gathering
Sep 7, 2015

1st Annual Honouring Old Religions Festival in Alfred Ontario

 Honouring Old Religions Festival “The Greeks” Honouring Old Religions aka H.O.R. for short is proud to announce we will be at the Alfred Ontario at the
UCPagan Gathering
Aug 26, 2015

Midgard in Alfred Between Ottawa and Montreal New Registration Metho

 Thanks to Roger Hanna​ there is now super easy way to register for Midgard.  Go to Calendar (link below) click on May. Click on Midgard. Fill out form. 
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 27, 2015

Midgard 2015 Press Release 22 April 2015

 Midgard 2015 PressRelease  22 April 2015 Hail Kin and Kith Midgard is in Alfred between Ottawa and Montreal this year. Pre-Reg. 30$ per adult. Youth under
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 22, 2015

Re: {K-W Pagans} 12th Midgard Festival. New Location Better prices.

 Hail Kin and Kith My Apologies for the Mistake. Midgard is in Alfred Ontario on Old Highway 17 between Ottawa and Montreal not highway 7, The dates are May
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 13, 2015

12th Midgard Festival. New Location Better prices.

 Hail Kin and Kith. Midgard is in Alfred Ontario this year on Highway 7 Between Ottawa and Montreal. Better Facilities so better price. For May 15-18 2015
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 11, 2015

Launching the Two Owls Eco Retreat website

Hail Kin and Kith I am Launching the Two Owls Eco Retreat website.  Please pass it on and let us know what you think and if there are any dead links or errors
UCPagan Gathering
Jan 28, 2014
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