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Midgard in Alfred Between Ottawa and Montreal New Registration Metho

 Thanks to Roger Hanna​ there is now super easy way to register for Midgard.  Go to Calendar (link below) click on May. Click on Midgard. Fill out form. 
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 27

Midgard 2015 Press Release 22 April 2015

 Midgard 2015 PressRelease  22 April 2015 Hail Kin and Kith Midgard is in Alfred between Ottawa and Montreal this year. Pre-Reg. 30$ per adult. Youth under
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 22

Re: {K-W Pagans} 12th Midgard Festival. New Location Better prices.

 Hail Kin and Kith My Apologies for the Mistake. Midgard is in Alfred Ontario on Old Highway 17 between Ottawa and Montreal not highway 7, The dates are May
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 13

12th Midgard Festival. New Location Better prices.

 Hail Kin and Kith. Midgard is in Alfred Ontario this year on Highway 7 Between Ottawa and Montreal. Better Facilities so better price. For May 15-18 2015
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 11

Launching the Two Owls Eco Retreat website

Hail Kin and Kith I am Launching the Two Owls Eco Retreat website.  Please pass it on and let us know what you think and if there are any dead links or errors
UCPagan Gathering
Jan 28, 2014

1 sleep to Midgard. My thanks

1 sleep till 10th annual Midgard Festival. There is so much to remind people of and I get so busy that I decided to take this time to send thanks. First for
UCPagan Gathering
May 16, 2013

2 sleeps fireworks bardic and bugs

2 sleeps till Midgard festival Bring yourself banners and shields for the procession and feast. Store bought fireworks will be handed to security for Sunday
UCPagan Gathering
May 15, 2013

Re: 3 sleeps till Midgard

Long term Golden Lake high 20 low 6. Cool at night but sunny most of the weekend.  Looks like a great another great weekend.  YEASAAA Bring extra blankets
UCPagan Gathering
May 14, 2013

4 sleeps until 10th annual Midgard Festival

Four more sleeps for the 10th annual Midgard Festival at Ravens Knoll.  Come celebrate with us at this Heathen based festival. Send me a message or better
UCPagan Gathering
May 13, 2013


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UCPagan Gathering
May 1, 2013

Re: 10th Annual Midgard Festival . Pre registration extended until S

Hail kin and kith. With the 10th annual Midgard festival approximately 17 days organizing is in full swing.  I was not able to attend the Ottawa Pagan
UCPagan Gathering
May 1, 2013

Re: 10th Annual Midgard Festival In one month

One Month To Go for Midgard   Hail and welcome to all who will be the attending the 10thAnnual Midgard Festival from May 17 to 20, 2013. This year being our
UCPagan Gathering
Apr 18, 2013

FW: 3/14/2013 3:04:12 PM

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Pagan Owl
Mar 14, 2013

10th Annual Midgard Festival Press Release 2013

U.C.P.G. Midgard 2013   The UCPG is proud to present the 10th annual Midgard festival, May 17 to 20 2013. Midgard festival will be held at Ravens Knoll once
UCPagan Gathering
Mar 8, 2013

10th Midgard Festival

Hi. Folks.   The event for the 10th Annual Midgard Festival as been created. Please come celebrate wioth us.  All Kin and Kith and those wishing to join us
UCPagan Gathering
Sep 10, 2012
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