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Re: Wonder Girl - Crimebase! Part 3

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    Wow... what a finish! What could be more entertaining than a pair of haughty Amazons displayed publicly in medieval stocks, getting a well-deserved
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      Wow... what a finish! What could be more entertaining than a pair of haughty Amazons displayed publicly in medieval stocks, getting a well-deserved super-spanking from the very citizens they're sworn to protect? Priceless! Let's hope our resourceful villains have arranged for complete media coverage, with one TV camera handling full-shots, another providing close-ups of the reddening rumps, while still another is trained on the bimbos' sweat-glistened, open-mouthed faces, to catch every moment and nuance of their ongoing humiliation. Thanks again, Andrea... you really know how to stage a helluva satisfying show. They should hire you to produce the Oscars! Best, TZ

      --- In camping_out_with_wonder_girl@yahoogroups.com, "Andrea" <akakramer88@...> wrote:
      > As the unseen forces continuously tugged at the bodies of the amazonian
      > powerhouses, the Sorcerer clapped his hands with glee.
      > "You see, my dear?" he turned to the Empress of Evil. "I told you our
      > partnership would bear fruit. These two never stood a chance against us.
      > In mere minutes their bodies will be torn asunder, and bit by bit
      > they'll be unwilling contributors to the maelstrom that is Limbo!"
      > "...pulled...apart..." the Empress repeated dully.
      > "We must work on your lexicon programming, my dear," he frowned, then
      > turned to the duo now stretched and distorted into red, blue, gold and
      > flesh colored ribbons in front of them. "How about it, ladies? Enjoying
      > your stretch? I'm told it's good for the body!"
      > "NNNnnngh!" Dru grunted as she felt tendons rip and bones threaten to
      > pop out of their joints with each new tug. Her sister moaned next to
      > her. This is it, Dru thought as one of her legs popped at her hip, we're
      > done for!
      > "Sorcerer!" a voice commanded from somewhere out of the ether. "You
      > can't kill them. At least not yet! Bring them here, that I may explain
      > the situation to them!"
      > The Sorcerer frowned even further. "Are you sure, sire?" he asked as he
      > looked upward. "We have them...why, in seconds they'll be..."
      > "Do not presume to question me, Sorcerer! My reasons are my own!" the
      > voice boomed.
      > "As you command, great Pharaoh," the Sorcerer sighed and with a wave of
      > his hands the two amazons collapsed to the cold rock of the ground.
      > Their bodies shook with spasms of agony. Dru was afraid to even try to
      > move, for fear that her body had been pulled so far apart it would never
      > obey her again.
      > "Slaves," a voice, the same voice that had spoken to the Sorcerer
      > earlier, but was clearly in the room with them now, "put these two in a
      > more subservient position!"
      > Dru heard two hands clap, and suddenly she and her sister were grabbed
      > and groped by two pairs of hands, forcing them to their knees. She heard
      > her sister cry out in pain, and it wasn't too long before Dru's voice
      > joined her. Every movement was agony! Once they were both put on their
      > knees they were forced forward in a bow, their hands put out before
      > them. Finally, mercifully, the hands stopped moving them, and there they
      > knelt, in front of their captor.
      > "Well done," the voice continued. "So, two young amazons have attempted
      > to halt the rise of New Egypt? Foolish Greeks...ever the scholars, but
      > without the true concept of what godhood means."
      > "Wh-who...who are..." Diana started to rise her head but the hands
      > returned and forced it back down.
      > "You are not permitted to even gaze at the visage of the mighty
      > Pharaoh!" a voice spat in her ear. A second voice shot into Dru's ear.
      > "You hear? You obey! Keep your eyes to the ground before you! Do not
      > look upon him or his queen or it will give us much pleasure to blind you
      > if he decrees it!"
      > "That's enough, slaves," Pharaoh chuckled lightly. "They are very
      > fierce, and very loyal...if a bit bloodthirsty."
      > "So," he continued. "No doubt you're here to find out what happened to
      > poor Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl. Or perhaps to continue their work?"
      > "We were sent here to stop you," Dru growled. "Whoever you are!"
      > "Well, to be blunt, you failed," the voice chided. "As to me, I am known
      > as the Pharaoh, and it pleases me to bring about a new age, where Egypt
      > shall rule again. Under my reign, of course."
      > "You're mad!" Wonder Woman shouted. "Egypt's time is gone. Once they
      > were a mighty power, but that era is over!"
      > "It shall rise anew...like the Phoenix," the Pharaoh smiled. "I shall
      > rule again, starting with this very city. As you can see, I've taken
      > steps to ensure super do-gooders like you are unwelcome here. The
      > criminal element has taken control of the general populace, the police
      > force is currently obeying my commands, so you'll find no help there,
      > and one-by-one the people are beginning to see the value of giving up
      > their freedom, given the security I provide!"
      > "Americans would never give up freedom for security!" Wonder Girl
      > hissed. "Abraham Lincoln said that!"
      > "It was Benjamin Franklin, sis," Wonder Woman chimed in, "but your point
      > is well taken!"
      > "But they're not Americans anymore...they're New Egyptians!" the Pharaoh
      > pointed out. "They shall serve me well, and from them shall I build a
      > grand army, which shall be used to take city after city in conquest
      > after conquest!"
      > "Someone will stop you," Wonder Woman grunted. "Someone always does!"
      > "Not if we send a message...with you two as the messenger!" the Pharaoh
      > beamed. "Easy enough to kill you both...I hope that point has already
      > been made...but then we have your vengeful friends all converging on us.
      > Frankly, we're not quite ready for that just yet.
      > "So instead we'll make examples of you both, so the other heroes will
      > know what will happen to them if they try to interfere! The first
      > lesson, I trust, has been learned already. We can and will kill you if
      > it suits our purposes. You're only alive now because I'm allowing you to
      > live. Thank me for this boon, both of you."
      > "Fat ch-" Dru spat out before her face was forced into the hard stone of
      > the ground by the slave next to her. "DO it!" the voice hissed. She was
      > too weak to do anything physically. Even if she could hit him, the blow
      > would be too weak to have any effect. But they'd never break her
      > amazonian will. Better to die than to -
      > "Thank you, great Pharaoh," she heard her sister say, weakly. Dru forced
      > her head to turn to face her sister. "Wonder Woman," she almost cried,
      > "why are - ?"
      > "Choose your battles, Wonder Girl," Wonder Woman whispered. "We're in no
      > position right now to do anything. Give him what he wants, so we can
      > return - "
      > " - and get your pretty Amazonian butts handed to you again!" the slave
      > finished for her. "Now DO it, girl...or I'll break your pretty sister's
      > neck!"
      > Dru gritted her teeth. "Thank you, great Pharaoh," she said, the words
      > pouring out of her mouth like a great sickness.
      > "Very nice," the Pharaoh nodded. "Your Pharaoh is pleased by your
      > servitude. So we shall move on to lesson two. Stand them up, slaves,
      > that they may see my trophies."
      > Both women shrieked with pain as they were forced to their feet. When
      > the hands left them, Dru began to crumple back to the ground, but the
      > hands returned and forced her to stand upright. "You fall to the ground,
      > girl, and I'll kick you until you stand!" the voice growled in her ear.
      > They faced two open sarcophagi, with two mummified bodies inside. "May I
      > present the two ladies you're looking for," the Pharaoh laughed. "You
      > came here to find Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl? Well, here they are! Very
      > much alive. Very much aware of what's happening around them. They'd say
      > 'Hello' back if they could..."
      > "You...you monster!" Wonder Woman shivered. "And now I suppose it's our
      > turn?"
      > "Not quite," a female voice suddenly broke in. "You're going to be our
      > messengers to the outside world."
      > "My queen, Nefertiti, is correct," the Pharaoh added. "You'll be set
      > free, but not without some amount of shame and humiliation."
      > "Face us," Wonder Woman demanded. "If you're so powerful why are you
      > afraid to show us who you are?"
      > "You're hardly in any position to make demands," Nefertiti cooed. "My
      > Pharaoh simply demands tribute from both of you. Slaves, take their
      > lassos!"
      > "No!" Dru tried to put a hand down to stop the slave from unfastening
      > her golden lasso from her belt, but it was simply too late, and she was
      > too weak, to do anything about it.
      > "These shall serve as trophies of my conquest of you two," the Pharaoh
      > laughed. "I shall hang them next to the Electra-bimbo and her
      > Dyna-brat."
      > "They're useless to you," Diana frowned. "They'll only work in the hands
      > of an amazon warrior!"
      > "True," the Pharaoh smiled, unseen by their eyes. "But if an amazon
      > warrior doesn't have one, then she isn't as much of a threat, is she?"
      > "Wonder Woman," Dru shuddered. "I...I..."
      > "Stay calm, Wonder Girl," Diana tried to bolster what little strength
      > she had left. "We'll find a way...somehow...to get them back."
      > "Doubtful," the Pharaoh's voice boomed. "As we move on to Lesson Three.
      > If you do attempt to come back, if you're caught within the city limits
      > again after you are driven out, you shall share in their fate. I have
      > plenty of sarcophagi, plenty of embalming materials, and plenty of room
      > on my trophy wall."
      > "I like the idea of decorating our throne room in early American
      > heroine!" Nefertiti's voice chuckled.
      > "This isn't over," Wonder Woman grunted.
      > "It is," the Pharaoh said, finally. "Because lesson four is the final
      > lesson. I'd like you both to meet Solaris."
      > The hands of the slaves turned them to the right where they saw a
      > strange reddish-pink partially transparent blob of glowing energy. The
      > slaves hands left them, and both women weakly tried to hold their stance
      > as the glowing amoeba moved closer to them.
      > "Solaris is an energy draining force, and under my control. For now,
      > I'll allow him to painfully drain you enough to let you know I mean
      > business. It'll hurt, but you won't die. Come back...get in my way again
      > in any way, shape or form, and I'll simply give you both to him.
      > Permanently."
      > The mass of glowing energy surrounded them both and instantly Wonder
      > Woman and Wonder Girl felt their bodies get assaulted with what felt
      > like thousands of painful pins and needles. They screamed out weakly, as
      > they lacked the strength to do anything but collapse limply to the floor
      > as the blob continued to drain them. Finally, darkness overtook them
      > both.
      > "Solaris," the Pharaoh commanded. "That's enough!"
      > The blob moved away and into a separate chamber away from the main
      > throne room.
      > "I don't mind telling you," the Sorcerer finally said, "that thing gives
      > me the creeps."
      > "A powerful ally," the Pharaoh said. "Much like yourself, my friend." He
      > looked at the two unmoving amazons on the ground at their feet. "You
      > know what to do with them, correct?"
      > "They shall be most humiliated by the time they leave here," the
      > Sorcerer smiled wickedly. "Right, my dear?"
      > "...pulled...apart..." the Empress nodded.
      > "You really need to do something with her," the Pharaoh said pointedly.
      > * * * *
      > A splash of cold water hit Dru in the face, waking her up. A second
      > splash doused her body, then a third, a fourth, until she was completely
      > drenched from head to toe. Shaking her head, she tried to rise, but
      > found she couldn't. Her head and hands were shackled in medieval stocks,
      > and she was put on a small pedestal in what must be the center of town.
      > "Wonder Girl," she heard her sister's voice. "Are you awake?"
      > She looked to her left and saw her sister in the same predicament. They
      > were both leaning forward, bent at the waist, their torsos draped over a
      > tiny sawhorse to keep them in that position. A crowd of people had
      > gathered around them, and it took Dru a moment to focus and realize that
      > many of them were...smiling?
      > "And so you see," a somewhat familiar voice addressed the crowd. "These
      > two have dared to oppose our Pharaoh, and by doing so they oppose you as
      > well. But our Pharaoh is mighty!"
      > "Hail Pharaoh!" a voice shot out from the crowd.
      > "Thank you, citizen!" the Sorcerer stood between them. "You see, the
      > Pharaoh only wants what is best for you. These two do not. They would
      > have us return to a world of police officers and judges with unfair
      > laws! Will we have that?"
      > "No!" several voices shouted from the crowd, amid assenting nods.
      > "I'm afraid I can't hear you!" the Sorcerer called out.
      > "NO!" the voices boomed in unison.
      > "Wonder Woman," Dru moaned. "I don't like this..."
      > "Me either, Wonder Girl," Diana responded. "But I can't seem to break
      > free from these stocks!"
      > The Sorcerer continued addressing the crowd. "Then show these two this
      > city means business. They are held here in magical stocks, and shall
      > remain here for a full twenty-four hours. In that time we shall send a
      > clear message to them," he produced two long wooden paddles, "and to the
      > heroic community who would dare come in here and tell us how to live!
      > Those who oppose our Pharaoh shall be punished! Now the line forms
      > at...*ahem*...their rears!"
      > Dru bristled as she saw a procession of men, women and even children
      > move around them. What had the Pharaoh done to control them? Were they
      > being controlled? Did they actually want this? Her response came in the
      > form of a hard piece of wood slamming down against her backside in a
      > stinging jolt. She screamed out in pain! Hera, that hurt! She thought
      > after everything they had been through it couldn't be possible for her
      > to hurt any worse but - WHAM! Another blow and tears began to well up in
      > her eyes.
      > She looked weakly over to see her sister receiving the same treatment,
      > her eyes shut tight in anticipation of another blow. "Don't..." Wonder
      > Woman grunted. "Don't blame them...ahnnn....for what they're doing,
      > Wonder Girl. They...they must be...ow!...controlled somehow!"
      > "Unless....uhhnnn....unless they're not, Wonder Woman! Either way...can
      > we stand this for another twenty-four....ooohhh....hours?" Dru
      > countered, wondering if they would even withstand the first one?
      > * * * *
      > Suffering Sappho! What will become of the Spanked Sisters?
      > They're barely able to hold their own against a few villains, how will
      > they fight a whole town?
      > Are their lassos destined to become museum pieces for the Pharaoh?
      > We'll have to come back in 24 hours to see! In the next installment...
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