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Re: Wonder Girl - The Feminum Allure Part 3

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    Ah, such sweet punishment, Andrea! The two Robins (Robyns?) are absolutely adorable together, and I love what Marston has done with his new sexy servant and
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      Ah, such sweet punishment, Andrea! The two Robins (Robyns?) are absolutely adorable together, and I love what Marston has done with his new sexy servant and obedient wife-to-be, Wonder Woman! A great chapter, as usual... Thanks once again! Best, the always appreciative TZ101

      --- In camping_out_with_wonder_girl@yahoogroups.com, "Andrea" <akakramer88@...> wrote:
      > Drusilla opened her eyes and shook her head groggily, surprised to find
      > herself still surrounded by an ebony darkness. Shapes slowly began to
      > form, but it wasn't until a familiar face stood over her that she began
      > to realize where she was.
      > "Good," Batman said. "We were beginning to worry if you'd ever rejoin
      > us."
      > "B-batman?" she muttered, rising to a sitting position. The massive
      > computers and machinery of the batcave began to come into focus. Robyn
      > remained unconscious next to her on the examination table they'd both
      > been put on when someone had knocked them out, but who?
      > Suddenly Violet's masked form came into view and Dru's brow furrowed.
      > "You!" she blurted out. "You shot us!"
      > "I saved your life," Violet pointed out. "You're welcome."
      > "How did...what?" Dru clearly didn't get it. Batman stepped in. "Your
      > escape from the Penguin didn't go unnoticed. Several of his men were
      > coming after you. Robyn might have fought them off, but they knew the
      > code words to stop you both."
      > Dru frowned. Batman had been working with Diana to try and find a
      > counter to the codes, but as of yet nothing had worked. A fight against
      > them would have been short, and fruitless.
      > "I had her incapacitate you both and bring you here," Batman finished.
      > "And we put you in some more...presentable clothing," Dru suddenly
      > became aware of the decidedly non-flattering jumpsuit she was wearing.
      > At least it's not a thong again, she thought to herself. Batman
      > continued: "Ever since I've found her, Violet has - "
      > "Huntress," Violet interjected.
      > "Huntress," Batman continued, "has been attempting to redeem herself,
      > and learn to use her talents and skills in service of the good of the
      > public."
      > "Yeah," Huntress crossed her arms. "Can I go before balloon-bod wakes
      > up?"
      > "Maintain radio contact," Batman nodded.
      > Dru rose to her feet. "Vio...Huntress?" she said, walking towards her.
      > "Thank you. I owe you."
      > Violet looked at her for a moment before shrugging her shoulders.
      > "Whatever," she said, heading to her bike and quickly revving it up to
      > race out of the cave.
      > "She still holds a grudge," Dru shook her head. Batman came up behind
      > her. "Not so much against you, but she truly hates your partner for what
      > she did to her. I've explained time and again that Robyn told me where
      > she was, when she could have maintained her silence on the matter*, but
      > it doesn't seem to phase her."
      > Almost as if in response, Robyn began to stir behind them. Drusilla
      > rushed to her partner's side. Explaining the situation to her only
      > seemed to bring more questions out of both Batman and Robyn.
      > "So you've truly lost your powers?" Robyn asked, in a tone that
      > suggested it was like losing all your hair.
      > "Diana as well, I'd imagine," Dru nodded. "They've found a way to
      > extract the Feminum from our bodies, making us nothing more than regular
      > women. After that, Dr. Bromfield must have used her hypnotic powers on
      > us, wiping our minds and selling me off to the Penguin. Hera, it was so
      > real! I truly felt like I was this Lucy Dinkins person, a college
      > student working at a nightclub to pay the bills. I had a family, a
      > history...everything!"
      > "Holy Suffering Sappho!" a voice blurted from the area in the back of
      > the cave where the batpoles were. "I didn't know we had visitors!" Dru
      > rolled her eyes. Robin the Boy Geek had arrived.
      > "Late again, old chum?" Batman intoned, and Robin shrugged as he ran up
      > to join them. "Practice ran over. How's it going, Wonder Girl?" Robin
      > knew her secret identity even though she was clearly out of costume. He
      > turned to Robyn. "Hi, I'm Robin," he put a hand out to help her off the
      > bed. "Nice outfit!" he joked at the similarity between their uniforms.
      > Robyn nervously smiled as she took his hand.
      > "I...wow," she said. "I've always been such a fan! I modeled my outfit
      > after yours originally. I never thought...I mean I'd hoped I'd meet you,
      > but..."
      > "Down, girl," Dru interjected. "We can have a mutual admiration society
      > meeting later. We've got a bigger problem to deal with."
      > "Yes," Batman put up a hand. "Your sister. I've put all the resources at
      > my disposal into finding her, but haven't come up with anything. No
      > particle samples from the ionized air around the Marsten Labs building.
      > Nothing from voice samples taken with hidden microphones planted around
      > the area. No police reports have come in. Nothing!"
      > "Or," the Boy Wonder smiled wickedly, "you could take a look at today's
      > Gotham Times!" He opened the front page of the paper so everyone could
      > see it. The headline said everything they needed to know. Scientist
      > Marsten to Marry Military Beauty! There was no mistaking the woman in
      > the photo beneath the headline.
      > Batman put a hand on the Boy Wonder's back. "That's good detective work,
      > old chum!"
      > "But we didn't do anyth-" he started, but Batman interrupted him. "It's
      > clear we need to get to Diana and figure out a way to regain her memory
      > as well."
      > "Before this marriage occurs," Dru agreed as she skimmed the article.
      > "Listen to this part: 'I'm so lucky to have found a man as smart as Mr.
      > Marsten. I hope he'll be as happy with me as I am to be part of his
      > life!' Diana would never say something like that! And besides, she has
      > to marry Major Trevor!"
      > "Holy Matrimony!" Robin said. "What do we do?"
      > "You, Robyn and Drusilla here should go to her. According to the article
      > she's staying in one of Marsten's penthouses until the wedding. Be
      > careful, though. We don't know what to expect! And Robin?"
      > "Yes?" both Robin and Robyn said in unison, then grinned sheepishly at
      > each other. Even Batman smiled a little at the situation. "You'll both
      > need to protect Wonder Girl. Remember, she doesn't have her powers
      > anymore."
      > "Batman?" Dru put up a hand, feeling like she was back in class whenever
      > he was around. "Might I have a moment with my partner...alone?"
      > "Of course. Robin, come with me, and we'll go over strategy."
      > "Aw...okay," Robin muttered. "I finally get a fan and it turns out she's
      > already found someone. It's not fair, Batman."
      > * * * *
      > The pair walked to a secluded section of the cave, and Dru finally
      > turned to face her partner. "How-how did you know where I?"
      > "We're bonded, Dru," she said plainly. "It was all I could do that first
      > night I saw you there not to just pick you up and carry you out, but I
      > knew that wouldn't break the hold Penguin had on you. I really..." she
      > smiled, blushing a little, "if I'd known flashing my chest at you
      > would've done it, this whole thing could have ended long ago." The pair
      > broke up into laughter, and Dru moved into hug Rachel closely.
      > "How did it go with your parents?" she asked as they embraced, and felt
      > Rachel's body stiffen at the question.
      > "They...are not happy. Understatement of the year. Apparently I'm going
      > to Hell, and when I explained to father that it was actually Hades that
      > really didn't help matters. No matter what I showed them - my abilities,
      > my knowledge - it boiled down to their little girl is leading a
      > degenerate lifestyle and worshiping pagan deities."
      > "Oh Rachel," Dru held her tightly. "I'm so sorry. Diana and I wanted to
      > come, but - "
      > "It wouldn't have helped," Rachel said flatly. "They've made up their
      > minds. Fortunately, so have I." She said these last words after backing
      > up to look Dru in the face, tiny tears forming at the corner of her
      > eyes. Dru's began to well up as well. This woman had moved heaven and
      > earth to find her, and had sacrificed everything she had to be with her.
      > She didn't deserve her, but she was going to live the rest of her life
      > striving to be worthy of her.
      > As they moved in to kiss, a harsh cough interrupted them as Batman moved
      > around the corner. Had he seen anything? Dru didn't care if he did.
      > "You should get moving. Robin can take you on the bat-cycle. One of you
      > will have to ride behind him, though."
      > "Dibs!" Robyn blurted out with a wink. Dru rolled her eyes. She knew her
      > partner was a fan of the Boy Wonder, but this was getting ridiculous!
      > * * * *
      > "Eyes on the road, Boy Wonder!" Dru shouted from the sidecar.
      > "Sorry, it's just..." Robin gritted his teeth. "Holy Octopus! Do you
      > have to put your hands there?" he shouted back at Robyn, who was
      > straddling him on the back of the bat-cycle as it zoomed through the
      > streets of Gotham. Her hands were holding him tightly, and a little
      > lower than even Dru would have liked.
      > "I'm sorry, Boy Wonder," she cooed in his ear. "Maybe I can get a better
      > grip by putting them...here!" she laughed as she moved her hands to his
      > hips, her fingers playing with the fabric of his green trunks. The cycle
      > jerked again, and Wonder Girl shot her partner an angry look.
      > "Robyn, knock it off!" she growled. "We're not going to do my sister any
      > good if we crash before even getting there!"
      > Robyn pouted as she put her hands safely around Robin's chest. "You
      > never let me have any fun, Dru!"
      > Robin turned on her as well. "Yeah, Dru! Let her have some fun!"
      > Dru couldn't help but laugh. She didn't know what to expect when they
      > found her sister, but at least she had her friends backing her up.
      > * * * *
      > It had been a long climb up the side of the Gotham Towers, but with
      > Robyn's help, Dru made it up easily. They knew they couldn't simply walk
      > through the front door, particularly with two of them in costume, so
      > scaling the building had been the only real option open to them. It took
      > Robin a few moments to disable the security alarms and cameras for that
      > floor, but in no time they were facing the door to Marten's penthouse.
      > It took four rings of the doorbell before a voice emerged from the other
      > side. "Go away! I'm not permitted visitors!"
      > "Diana!" Dru called out. "It's me! Your sister, Drusilla!"
      > A pause. "I have no sister! Now go away or I'll call security!"
      > Dru frowned, then Robin put up a hand. "Ma'am, this is Robin. Batman's
      > partner. If you look through the peephole of your door you'll see this
      > is no joke. There's a matter of your safety and we really need to speak
      > to you."
      > Another pause. Then the sound of a door being unlatched. Then opened.
      > Dru's jaw hit the floor. Diana was wearing the equivalent of pink
      > tissues around her body. A see-through negligee of fabric so fine even
      > Ariadne would be jealous, stopping just short of her long, slender legs,
      > playing peek-a-boo with lacy pink silk panties.
      > "D-Diana?" she finally blurted.
      > "Get inside, all of you, before you're seen!" she spat. The trio raced
      > inside, and Diana quickly slammed the door shut behind her.
      > "Now be quick. What is all this about. Mr. Marsten says I'm not to have
      > visitors up here!"
      > Dru wasn't sure where to begin, and both Robin and Robyn were still
      > checking her sister out top to bottom and back to top again. "Diana,
      > I'm your sister, and - "
      > "I have no sister," Diana repeated. "Never have. Why are you lying to
      > me?"
      > "I'm not lying!" Dru spat out. "You've been brainwashed! You're an
      > amazonian princess! The ambassador of Paradise Island to man's world!"
      > At this Diana threw her head back and laughed. "Is this a joke? Please.
      > I don't know who put you up to this but I must have Mr. Marsten's dinner
      > ready when he returns home, which should be shortly. So please, leave."
      > "You're cooking dinner dressed like that?" Robyn finally spoke up.
      > Diana looked at her attire. "What's wrong with this? Mr. Marsten likes
      > to see me dressed like this. I'm only to wear regular clothes on the
      > occasions when Mr. Marsten allows me to accompany him in public."
      > Dru had heard enough. "Do you hear yourself? Mr. Marten says this. Mr.
      > Marsten says that. You're his slave, Diana! He's made you his servant!"
      > "Which I thought I'd done to you, Wonder Girl!" a voice shot from behind
      > them. Dru whirled only to come face to face with Dr. Marsten himself!
      > Worse yet, Elsa Bromfield was with him.
      > "Avert your eyes!" she tried to warn her partner and Robin, but it was
      > too late. Elsa had already removed her cloak and the hypnotic spirals of
      > her tiny outfit had enraptured the trio almost instantly.
      > "Dru! I-I can't..." Robyn said helplessly as she struggled to look away.
      > Robin was completely enthralled, and Dru remembered Elsa saying the suit
      > worked particularly well on men.
      > "Diana," Marsten frowned. "I believe I set a policy on having guests."
      > Dru could hear the worry and fear in her sister's voice. "I'm sorry, Mr.
      > Marsten. I-they just showed up. I tried to make them leave but they
      > wouldn't!"
      > "Yes," he said. "They're very persistent, aren't they? Still, you know
      > you must be punished."
      > The defeat in Diana's voice crushed Dru to her very core. "Yes, Mr.
      > Marsten. I shall assume the position."
      > "Why not have the other two females join her, Dr. Marsten?" Elsa chimed
      > in. Dr. Marsten smiled at this though, running an appreciative hand
      > along Robyn's ass.
      > "And the boy?" he raised an eyebrow at his partner.
      > "Give him to me," she said. "You get to have all the fun." Marsten
      > chuckled at this suggestion. "Very well," he said. "He's yours, but
      > bring the other two next to her."
      > "You," she motioned to Dru, then to Robyn, "and you. Go and stand next
      > to Diana, grab your legs beneath your knees, as she has done."
      > Both women helplessly complied with her command, and soon all three
      > women held their asses skyward as Marsten appeared brandishing a riding
      > crop.
      > "Come, Boy Wonder," Elsa smiled. "Sit on my lap while we keep these
      > women entranced."
      > As she moved to sit in front of them, keeping them under her spell,
      > Robin joined her, sitting on her lap as she stroked his legs lightly
      > with a free hand. Dru tried to ignore seeing his member stiffen under
      > his tights, but it was difficult to do.
      > "And now," Dr. Marsten intoned. "We shall punish you three for daring to
      > interfere with man's plans yet again!"
      > Dru braced herself as she sensed him rearing back with the crop.
      > - WHACK! -
      > * * * *
      > All three amazons getting punished? With a spanking?
      > And the Boy Wonder little more than a woman's plaything?
      > How will they get out of this predicament? WILL they get out of it?
      > The answers in the next chapter! See you there!
      > * Robyn had been flattened to a two-dimensional piece of living
      > cardboard by the Alvino Ray Gun by Violet. Only by making a deal with
      > the goddess Aphrodite did she regain her form, turning the tables on
      > Violet by using the gun on her, and sliding her immobile form underneath
      > a bed where she likely would have gone undiscovered for some time. She
      > informed Batman of her whereabouts after Clavicle's criminal empire came
      > to an end.
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