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Wowsers! Another WW/WG-themed group!

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  • FanTas
    It seems every time I turn around there s a new club dedicated to our curvaceous crime-busters. Check out Wonder_Woman_Rp_and_Stories@yahoogroups.com, started
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2011
      It seems every time I turn around there's a new club dedicated to our curvaceous crime-busters. Check out Wonder_Woman_Rp_and_Stories@yahoogroups.com, started by one of our loyal members, with contributions by Yours Truly. We're currently doing a reboot of that old BATMAN plotline where Penguin makes a movie with the Dynamic Duo... only this time he has Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl as his reluctant stars.

      Here's a sample of the most recent post:

      Superheroines Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl bounded down a main intersection of Gotham City, powerful arms and legs going like pistons. Totally focused on the mission at hand, these two beautiful young women were, as usual, completely oblivious to the effect their massive, jiggling chests were having on startled male onlookers as they raced toward their destination...

      It wasn't long before they jogged right into the movie studio, and over to Penguin's main office. Wearing stoic expressions, they stood before a gum-chewing secretary who was filing her nails and reading Daily Variety. "Can I help you?" this gum-chewer finally asked in a disinterested voice, without even looking up.

      "Yes. We're here to see your employer, Mr. Penguin."

      "Do you have an appointment?"

      "Why, we're the stars of his new movie!"

      The secretary finally glanced upward, but her bored expression didn't change. "I see. What are your names?'

      The two superheroines looked at each other in open-mouthed disbelief, then turned back to their questioner.

      "Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl."

      "Oh it's too early in the morning for jokes. What are your real names?"

      "Princess Diana and her sister Drusilla," Wonder Woman said firmly. "Now kindly inform Mr. Penguin that we are here to fulfill our performance obligations, as agreed."

      "All right, all right. He's over at the main building, discussing his new epic with the head of the studio."

      "Thank you, ma'am. Come, Wonder Girl." And with that, the two colorfully-garbed Amazons turned and exited the office.

      In the next few minutes the heroines made their way from Penguin's working film unit to the main studio building, which was across the lot. As they strode forward, they couldn't help noticing some familiar faces among the burly set workers, gaffers and other heavy-duty hands. "Wonder Woman, those faces look awfully familiar," Wonder Girl said with a trace of concern in her voice. "They should be," Wonder Woman replied. "We've put these reprobates in prison often enough. They're the Penguin's cadre of henchmen, out on bail to work with their mangy master on this film project. And whatever else he might have planned."

      Wonder Girl nodded in agreement. "And I'll just bet it's some new super-crime he's cooking up," the precocious teenager concluded, slamming a fist into a waiting palm.

      "I have a feeling you'd win that bet, Wonder Girl."


      Cute, right? Why not become a member of this new group and join in the fun. And here's a special message for a special COWWG regular, the one-and-only Powerhouse! (Amanda.Kingston)... It seems our recent roleplay posts at WONDER GIRL ROCKS were unceremoniously removed by the owner, as was Mr. TZ himself. Although I did everything I could to help promote WGR and even contributed some cool images, I received no explanation for being banned, other than "members aren't allowed to advertise other sites," which is something I simply never did. Go figure! WGR seems fairly inert these days anyway, with the owner's limited stories being re-posted endlessly for some curious reason. But hey, Powerhouse, if you'd like to continue with the cool rp we started, or start something new, feel free to do so right here. This club appreciates its contributing members! Best regards to all, FanTas/TZ
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