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This is the End...my only friend!

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  • chad eY
    So we come to the end of our Pieman Trilogy Another fun project. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and hope FanTas can add his wonderful editing touches! On to the
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      So we come to the end of our "Pieman Trilogy" Another fun project. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and hope FanTas can add his wonderful editing touches! On to the story!

      As we last left our humbled super beauties, the Wonder Sisters and their ditzy yet powerful friend Supergirl, they were reaching what appears to be the end of their superheroine careers due to Pieman's fantastic ruse of forging documents and entrapping his enemies. After their last tussle, the sexy superbabes found themselves beltless, and therefore powerless against Pieman's nefarious plans. After making off with the Wonder Sister's belts and Supergirl's skirt, he constructed a simple yet ingenious scheme which forces the superheroines to reveal their secret identites in public. As of 12 pm, they will have to surrender the mantles of their super status...

      12 pm comes and Pieman and his boys arrange a press conference in the middle of Gotham Square. With a huge smile he walks up to the many microphones on the podium. He clears his throat and begins his speech.

      Pieman: Behold, my fellow citizens. I come to you as a friend who has paid his debt to society. I have seen the light and the error of my ways. But sadly I have been harrassed and heavily brutalized by three so-called defenders of Gotham, the Wonder Sisters and Superdummy...Uh...I mean Supergirl.

      The crowd starts to be in favor of Pieman. He thinks to himself "this is working so perfectly. Better string them along."

      Pieman: Please, my friends! I realize that these females honestly believe that they are only doing their jobs, which is something everyone should respect. However, I cannot and will not stand for constant harassment. So, after various warnings, I have now asked that these supersmart superheroines surrender their aliases and resume their normal lives without the authority to push people around, and they have agreed.

      Pieman holds up the belts and skirt.

      Pieman: As collateral, they surrendered the sources of their powers. Now, if our super-friends will step forward...

      Out of the crowd the three super babes walk up to the stage, powerless and weaponless. Many catcalls, boos and even garbage are thrown in their direction. One lucky fella even grabs the luscious behind of Wonder Girl, causing her to look back with a mean look and ready to strike, until Supergirl grabs her fist and helps walk her to the stage.

      Supergirl: Save it, babe! It's like, almost over anyway!

      Another guy snaps a picture of the skirtless Supergirl's big bottom with his phone. Her reaction is a big punch to the face, sending the perv down. Wonder Girl rolls her eyes.

      Wonder Girl: What the hell just happened? You told me...

      Supergirl: If we're giving up our identites, might as well go out on top.

      Supergirl looks down at the perv-atrator and smiles.

      Supergirl: Hope it was worth it, perv!

      Supergirl turns around and playfully smacks her bottom in a teasing manner. The girls walk up to the stage as the jeering continues. Meanwhile, Pieman is grinning and laughing as Wonder Girl steps up to an opposing podium with mulitple mics as well.

      Pieman: Ahh...Wonder Girl? You have something to say?

      Wonder Girl (with a big smile and her hands heroically on her sexy hips): Yes I do. Gotham citizens, we have been framed for a crime we didn't commit, and I will gladly prove it.

      Pieman: Ha! Are you serious! You can't prove that...uh...

      Pieman's face looks redder than Wonder Girl leotard.

      Pieman: Uh...because...you haven't been framed. What happened was they came in and...

      Wonder Girl: Yes, we came in to do our JOB, Captain Crusty. and we were fooled from the start, as you will witness...

      Pieman: Ahh...yes, speaking of witnessing...boys in the truck!

      On the two giant video monitors above the stage, the absolutely humiliating video of the Wonder Sisters dancing and shaking their big bottoms is presented to one and all. The reaction to Wonder Girl shaking her mega-butt is so loud that the entire male audience sounds like they're gonna cause an earthquake. Then the admiration turns to laughter as the prudish Wonder Woman is shown struggling pathetically as she slowly shakes her bottom. Diana's face turns so red! And of course, the ditzy Supergirl has a big smile on her face as every guy hoots and hollars at the video of her pressing her shapely backside against the cage she was being held in under the effect of the dancing gas, while doing the Batusi.

      The girls, except Supergirl, are hugely humiliated. But Wonder Girl remains unflappable.

      Wonder Girl: Congratulations on scoring that video. Unfortunatly, you'll never make it out of this great town of Gotham.

      Pieman (in a sound effect that sounds pre-recorded): STUPID TOWN!

      The audience looks up and their reactions go from happy to confused.

      Wonder Girl: What was that? Speak up, PieCrust!

      Pieman looks shocked and tries to cover his mouth to show people he isn't talking, but sure enough it's his voice and it keeps going!

      "Yes! Stupid town! As far as I'm concerned, after you three beauties are
      revealed and out of the crime-fighting business, I can tear this city up as much as I want! If the citizens of Gotham all put their intelligence together, they may be able to beat Supergirl in a game of Connect Four! And those papers? Yes they have been forged. But, there's no way that can be proven!"

      Pieman (shocked): Uh...oh...

      The crowd suddenly turns against Pieman and begins to boo. The Dazzling Divas stand heroically with a gorgeous smile on each of their beautiful faces.

      Pieman: How...how did...did you?

      Wonder Woman (chuckling): Ha! When we sent Supergirl after you, we knew that you and your boys would be ready to take her skirt. But what you didn't think of was the fact that she would be recording everything using the microphone in her earrings!

      Redeemed, the girls laugh as the Pieman and boys look pissed off.

      Pieman: This can't be!

      But alas, it is... The police at the conference walk on the stage and swiftly put handcuffs on Pieman and his cronies. Then they escort the bested baddies away.

      Wonder Girl triumphantly walks up to Pieman and retrieves the Amazon power belts, handing one to her sister. Supergirl takes back her skirt and puts it around her waist. Sadly for the Babe of Steel, the wind is picking up and everyone in the audience can still get a nice glimpse of her panties. Hilariously, Supergirl's face turns redder than her Hanes.

      Wonder Girl steps up to the microphone again.

      Wonder Girl: Citizens of Gotham, know that we are only here to defend YOU. We would NEVER put any of you in harm's way. And our friend down in the crowd who took a photo of Supergirls big ass...

      Wonder Woman slaps her little sister for cursing.

      Wonder Girl: The man who took a photo of Supergirl's...

      She sighs a sigh of embarrasment.

      Wonder Girl:..."fanny"...

      The crowd laughs at her for using such square words. Wonder Woman approves though.

      Wonder Girl: ...I'll ask you to delete that photo, out of respect.

      She looks down and sees him nod in agreement.

      Man in crowd: Sorry, Supergirl! I just wanted something to remember you by when I'm over in Iraq fighting.

      Supergirl looks down and blushes more. The crowd oohs and ahhs.

      Supergirl: Gee, like thanks! Maybe THIS will give you some added inspiration!

      Supergirl hops down and plants a big kiss on his lips as she grabs the camera and holds it up and takes a photo. Afterwards, the lucky fella passes out. The crowd cheers! Supergirl smiles as she helps the trooper up and walks back up on stage.

      Supergirl: Momma always said I'd be a heartbreaker!

      Ultra-straight Wonder Woman, who doesn't approve of what she considers to be "inappropriate" behavior, tells her playful sister to carry on.

      Wonder Girl: Well, as I said...before SuperSlut...

      Supergirl: HEY!

      Wonder Girl (laughs a little): As I said, we would never, ever want anyone harmed in potentially dangerous situations like this. We all hope for your continued support.

      The crowd erupts into spirited applause as the girls wave and walk backstage. Wonder Woman sternly looks at her fellow heroines.

      Wonder Woman: I am not to thrilled with your behavior Supergirl! We have a strong responsibility to uphold. What you did...

      Supergirl ignores Wonder Woman's two-minute long speech and twirls her hair. She thinks to herself:

      "I still don't get why 2 plus 2 ALWAYS has to equal 4. Jeez, what a long and boring lecture from that wet-blanket Amazon. Wait a minute... these two can read minds...crap!"

      Wonder Girl laughs, as she has indeed been reading her blonde friends thoughts.

      Wonder Girl sends back a telepathic "IM"

      "Yeah we can."

      Wonder Woman:...And that's why you cannot make a spectacle of yourself...and my butt is not fat, Kara!

      Supergirl stops playing with her hair, her eyes grow wide and she looks embarassed.

      Wonder Woman: And you Dru! I'm very proud of you for having such dignity today. Just one question...

      Wonder Girl: Yes?

      Wonder Woman: Should I consider an updated costume? I thought of attaching a...

      Wonder Woman musters up the courage to say what's on her mind.

      Wonder Woman:...a..."mini-skirt" to my usual uniform so as to not be percieved as a "square" and "prude".

      Wonder Girl: Not like it'll matter, that big butt will stick out of anything your put around it!

      Supergirl and Wonder Girl giggle at the comment and walk away from the scene. Wonder Woman walks away too, but stops by a car for a moment and glances at her fanny in the car mirror. She looks around to see if anyone is watching, then shakes her ample backside and smiles before joining the others.

      Gotham City is safe for today, but what will happen tomorrow?
    • altara2@aol.com
      What a fabulous combination... Prudish Wonder Woman, mischievous Wonder Girl, and dumber-than-dumb Supergirl! Makes you wish you were an arch-villain like
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        What a fabulous combination...  Prudish Wonder Woman, mischievous Wonder Girl, and dumber-than-dumb Supergirl!  Makes you wish you were an arch-villain like Pieman, so you can subject these curvaceous cuties to one outlandish scheme after another!  Thanks again, Chad!  Best, TZ/FanTas
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