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Re: [camping_out_with_wonder_girl] Dolly and Booty's Revenge-Chapter Three

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  • altara2
    Fabulous, Laura!  Wonder Babe trapped forever in a humiliating dancing trance, while sexed-up Wonder Girl begins a new life as the hapless pawn of her
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2009
      Fabulous, Laura!  Wonder Babe trapped forever in a humiliating dancing trance, while sexed-up Wonder Girl begins a new life as the hapless pawn of her arch-enemies.  Now THAT'S entertainment!  For additional laughs, Cutie, Booty and Cleo should have the Brainless Bimbos dance together and shoot a video of their sexy gyrations for criminals everywhere to enjoy.  Still, there's nothing like a live performance...where can I buy tickets?  Seriously my friend, a very well done story.  Keep these peril-filled Wonder Tart tales coming!  TZ101 

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      Subject:[camping_out_with_wonder_girl] Dolly and Booty's Revenge-Chapter Three
      Date:November 6, 2009 3:52:45 AM PST

      Cutie, Booty and Cleo started to talk among themselves as they looked at Wonder Girl continuing to dance sexily for their entertainment.

      Booty: "For Wonder Chick to be and truly look like a dancing party girl, her heroine outfit simply has to go."

      Cutie: "You are right, Booty. Plus we need to give her a new name to be suited for the party girl at night and her other job during the day."

      Booty: "Yes, I agree. We can have Cleo make her change out of her outfit and into a sexy party dress and stiletto heel sandal shoes. What kind of name should we give her?"

      Cutie: "I dunno, but she looks like a dancing doll out there on the dance floor."

      Booty: "How about Penelope Doll?"

      Cutie: "Yes, that's prefect! Can you do that, Cleo?"

      Cleo: "Of course." Cleo turned towards Wonder Girl. "Wonder Chick, look at me." 

      Wonder Girl turned and looked into Cleo's eyes.

      "You are a dancing party girl at night."

      Wonder Girl replied "I am a dancing party girl."

      "Good. You want to dress like a dancing party girl. You will go to dressing room A in the back to change into your party dress and shoes. When you change out of your current outfit, you will forget about that personality. You will be Penelope Doll when you put on the dress. You will be her from now on. Understand?"

      "Yes, Mistress."

      "Good. Come with us to the dressing room."

      "Yes, Mistress." Wonder Girl followed Booty, Cutie and Cleo back to dressing room A. 

      Dolly then followed them into the dressing room. She went over to Cleo. "You going to transform Wonder Chick completely now."

      "Yes, Dolly. Then we are going to have her go back out to dance some more for our entertainment. "

      "That's fine, but don't forget about our overall plan for her and Wonder Woman."

      "Yes, Dolly. I haven't forgotten." Cleo, a little irritated, looked at Dolly with a scowl on her face. "You know that I can hypnotize you fairly easily too."

      "I know you can, but remember too about that situation I got you out of." Dolly looked back at Cleo.

      Wonder Girl meanwhile had taken off her heroine outfit and started to put on a sexy low cut short black dress. When she put on the dress, her memories of being Druscilla and Wonder Girl disappeared completely. She started to think of herself as Penelope, a sexy dancing party girl. Before she started to put on some black fishnet hose, she was handed a sexy blue hypno-panty thong. She put the thong on then the hose. She finally put on a pair of 4 inch stiletto heel black ankle strap sandal shoes.

      "You look very sexy, Penelope." Cleo commented.

      "Thanks, miss."

      "But you look even more sexy as a blonde."

      "I want to look more sexy as a blonde."

      Cleo smiled. "OK, sit down on that leather chair and we'll do your hair."

      Penelope sat down on a brown leather chair in the middle of the dressing room.

      Cleo looked into Penelope's eyes as Booty dyed Penelope's hair blond. "Penelope, you are our sexy model and spokesperson for our hypno panties ads. You will act sexy and flirtatious. "

      "Yes, sexy and flirtatious. " Penelope smiled sexily as she tossed her head and hair from side to side.

      "Good. Now you will want to help us to lure and capture our nemesis, Wonder Woman. You want her so bad because she has ruined our plans in the past."

      Penelope replied instantly with hatred in her voice "Yes ,I want to trap and capture our nemesis, Wonder Woman."

      Cleo, Booty, Cutie and Dolly all smiled as their plan was starting to work.
      Cleo replied "Good. After you dance some more for us, you will go back to dressing room B. You will be tied up and gagged. You will touch this tiara's star like so." Cleo demonstrated that to Penelope. "That will get Wonder Woman to come here to the dance club and into the dressing room. She will try to rescue you think that you are Wonder Girl. Once she unties you, you will spray her with the small can. The can contains knockout spray gas. Understand?"

      "Yes, Mistress."

      "Good, time for you to dance and be happy and sexy."

      Penelope smiled "I like to dance, party and be sexy."

      "Go ahead, Penelope. We will follow you." 

      "Good. Penelope got up and walked out of the dressing room up the hallway onto the dance floor. Others followed her. Booty put on some sexy disco dance music for Penelope to dance to. Penelope started to dance sexy swaying her hips, breasts and bottom to the song 'That's the Way I Like It'. The others smiled and sneered at the idea of the once noble Wonder Girl entertaining them in this fashion, and the fact that she would help them capture Wonder Woman was unbearably amusing.

      Meanwhile, Wonder Woman went to the jail building to investigate Cutie's escape. She was in the warden's office sitting in a chair in front of the warden's desk.

      "How did the culprit break out Cutie, Warden Goodwin?'

      "It's strange about escape and about the security cameras' recording being scrambled so we don't know who, Wonder Woman. Another odd thing is that two guards are missing."

      "Oh! Taken as hostages?"

      "Maybe, but there are some strange things about that one too. One, no other guards saw them leave and two. the female guard is an expert in electronics. She must have coerced."

      "Coerced." Wonder Woman thought for a few seconds. "Yes, she was and I think I know who and how." Wonder Woman started to leave the office "I will bring back your guards and bring three possibly four dangerous women to jail." Wonder Woman then left the jail building. "I will probably have to reach Dru by her mobile phone," she thought to herself. Wonder Woman popped into a phone booth and called Dru's mobile phone but got her voice message instead. She left a message about meeting her nearby the apartment building as Wonder Girl in an hour. An hour later, Wonder Woman was in an alley near the apartment building. 'That's strange. Dru usually shows up when I tell her to. Something's wrong. I better try to contact her through my tiara.' Wonder Woman tried to contact Dru through her tiara but couldn't pick up Dru's mental wave to where she was at. Wonder Woman tried several times.

      At the same time, Penelope finished her dancing and went back to dressing room B. She was tied up and gagged by Cutie while Booty placed the tiara in Penelope's right hand. Penelope started to rub the tiara's star.

      Wonder Woman then felt Dru's mental wave and where she was at. "Dru is trapped at some dance club named Studio 17. She needs to be rescued from there. I have to find out why she is Wonder Girl and what she is doing there after I specifically advised her not become Wonder Girl until I tell her.' Wonder Woman raced to Studio 17 dance club. She entered the darkened dance club. She could sense that Dru was in dressing room B. She walked across the dance floor and down the hall to the dressing room area. She opened the door and saw Dru tied up and gagged but not in her Wonder Girl outfit. "I will have you free in a few seconds, Dru."

      Penelope moaned thru her gag "Mmmmmmmmppphhhhh! "

      Wonder Woman untied and took off the gag out of her sister Dru`s mouth. Suddenly Penelope got up and take out the spray can. She started to spray the gas into Wonder Woman's face.

      Wonder Woman started to cough. "Drrrruuuu, whhhhat arrreeeee youuuuuu dooooiinnnnnng? " She suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed onto the floor.

      "Good job, Penelope." Dolly exclaimed. "Now go to dressing room A where we will finish your transformation. "

      "Yes, Miss Dolly." Penelope got up and looked at the unconscious Wonder Woman. She had a sneer smile as she walked out of the room and into dressing room A.

      "Cleo, come with me to finish Penelope's transformation. Booty and Cutie, stay here and get Wonder Babe ready for her transformation. "

      "Yes, Dolly."

      "Yes, maw."

      Dolly and Cleo walked into dressing room A. Cleo went over to Penelope and looked into her eyes. "Penelope, sit down in that chair."

      "Yes, Mistress." Penelope sat down in the chair.

      Dolly sprayed some perfume on Penelope, causing her to become somewhat ditsy. "You are done, Penelope."

      "Thanks, Miss Dolly." Penelope said in a Southern accent twang.

      "You are welcome ,Penelope. We will be going shortly. So sit back and relax."

      "Yes, Miss Dolly." Penelope sat down in the chair and relaxed crossing her left leg over her right.

      Meanwhile in dressing room B, Cutie and Booty removed Wonder Woman's tiara, belt, lasso and bracelets.

      "She is helpless and powerless now, Cutie. Now let's dress her for her transformation. "

      "Yes, Booty."

      Cutie and Booty removed Wonder Woman's outfit and put on her a red hypno-panty thong, red fishnet hose,a sexy spaghetti strap red sequined short dress and 4 inch red stiletto heel ankle strap sandal shoes.

      "She looks like a sexy party dancer now, Cutie."

      "Yes, she does."

      "Now for her hair" Booty cut Wonder Woman's long raven black hair short and put on her a long straight red wig which interlocked with Wonder Woman's hair so it would not come off ever. She applied makeup on Wonder Woman including deep flame red passion lipstick. Booty looked at her. "She is ready for her transformation. " 

      "Yes, Booty." Cutie left the dressing room to get her mother and Cleo as Booty was tying up Wonder Woman with Wonder Woman's lasso.

      "She's ready, maw."

      "Good. Let's transform Wonder Babe into a sexy dancer." Dolly, Cutie and Cleo then entered dressing room B. Dolly and Cleo walked over and stood in front of Wonder Woman who was in a chair.

      "Time to wake her up."

      "Yes ,maw." Cutie walked over and put smelling salt under Wonder Woman's nose causing her to wake up.

      Wonder Woman came around and woke up. "Whhherre ammm I?" She then saw that she was tied up with her own lasso and in different clothes. "What is the meaning of this? What have you done to Wonder Girl?" She struggled against her own lasso.

      Dolly spoke. "You're in Studio 17 dance club, Wonder Babe. You and your sister have been a thorn in our plans once too often. Thru hypnosis, your sister has been transformed to be our spokesperson for us in our ads. For you, we are going to transform you too."

      "I will stop you and free Wonder Girl from your clutches."

      Cleo stepped forward. "I don't think so, Diana, daughter of Hippolyta. I command you to look into my eyes."

      Wonder Woman under the lasso's influence obeyed and looked into Cleo's eyes.

      "You are going into a deep trance which nothing will be able to snap you out of it, even your golden lasso."

      "Yes." Wonder Woman replied.

      "Good. You will forget that you ever were Wonder Woman and Princess Diana. You are Miss Pegeen Donahue, a sexy and flirting Irish woman who dances here at Studio 17 entertaining the customers."

      "I am Miss Pegeen Donahue, a sexy and flirting Irish woman dancer."

      "Good, Pegeen. This is your dressing room and living quarters. You never ever leave the dance club. You love to wear sexy dresses and high stiletto heel shoes. You wear them all of the time. Understand?"

      "Yes, Mistress. I never ever leave the club. I love to wear sexy dresses and high stiletto heel shoes. I wear them all of the time."

      "Good, Pegeen. You are ready to go out and dance now."

      "Thanks, Mistress. I love to dance."

      Booty then untied Pegeen so she could go to the dance floor. 

      Pegeen got up from the chair and walked out of the dressing room. She walked very sexily, swaying her hips up the hallway and onto the dance floor.

      Dolly, Booty, Cutie and Cleo followed Pegeen. Dolly then signaled to Maxine, the female guard, to start the holographic effect for the dance club. Maxine pushed a couple of buttons to activate it.

      Cutie turned to Dolly "Maw, what goes on?"

      "Cutie, Maxine started the holographic effect for the dance club. Pegeen will think there are persons on the dance floor especially handsome men that she will flirt with but they are just light images. Even though they are light images, Pegeen will be able to touch them and think they are real persons."

      "Sound diabolical."

      "Yes, Cutie, it is. So Wonder Woman as Pegeen will stay here for good and the damping field will make it appear nothing is going on at the dance club from the outside."

      A tall blonde handsome wearing a flower print blue shirt and blue pants walked up to Pegeen "Care to dance, miss?"

      Pegeen turned around to see him as her eyes met his. "Of course, handsome. I am Pegeen and would love to dance with you." She batted her eyelids at him and smiled sexy for him.

      "You wanted to slow dance even though the song is a disco style one."

      "Mmm, yes. I love to dance slow especially with a handsome man like you." Pegeen walked sexily as her hips and bottom swayed to the music.

      "Good." The man put his arms around Pegeen and drew her close to him so their bodies rubbed against each other. "I'm Nathan, Pegeen."

      "Heellloo, Nathan." Pegeen put her arms around his waist. She put her head on his right shoulder as they danced to the song `Celebration. '

      Booty, Cutie, Cleo and Dolly saw them dance from the hallway.

      "Good. Wonder Babe is trapped for good. Let's get Penelope and leave." Dolly exclaimed.

      The four of them then walked back and into dressing room A.

      "Time to go, Penelope."

      "Yes, Miss Dolly." Penelope got up from a chair and walked to them. She turned to Dolly "What about our nemesis Wonder Woman?"

      "We don't have to worry about her anymore."

      "Ok, good." Penelope smiled with a devilish grin.

      "Let's go!"

      The five of them then walked out of dressing room A and then out of the building. Dolly then turned on the damping field as she was leaving the building.







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