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    ZAP! POW! BAM! WONDER GIRL is now a series! **** The teenage boy sits tied to a chair in the school gymnasium, surrounded by a trio of gun-toting wiseguys.
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      ZAP! POW! BAM!
      WONDER GIRL is now a series!
      The teenage boy sits tied to a chair in the school gymnasium,
      surrounded by a trio of gun-toting wiseguys.
      "Talk, ya little runt," the first goon orders.
      "I'm not telling you anything," the boy spits back, a tad overconfident.
      "In no time Wonder Girl's gonna be here,
      and she'll clean all your clocks!
      Ha! I can't wait to see that!"
      Annoyed, the thug is about to strike his youthful prisoner,
      but a voice interrupts him.
      A female voice.
      A TEENAGE female voice.
      "Excuse me..."
      Standing there with a no-nonsense expression
      is Wonder Girl, fists on hips.
      "Holy crap! It's that Wonder broad! Let 'er have it!"
      They fire at the teenager, but she easily deflects their bullets.
      "Run out of ammo, boys?" asks the cute, bored superheroine.
      Then she eyes her surroundings...
      her beautiful eyes twinkle...
      And a mischievous smile plays across her face
      "I guess it's time for a little exercise"
      She clenches her fists
      ...and gets ready to kick some criminal butt!
      The head goon rushes her first.
      But Wonder Girl easily eludes his ham-fisted swing.
      She belts him once in the stomach, once across the jaw.
      He's down and out.
      The other two thugs try to flee, but Wondy is easily upon them.
      "You know what they say, two heads are better than one!"
      Wonder Girl takes a minute to grin like a triumphant tomboy,
      fists-on-hips, glancing down at the unconscious nogoodniks.
      Then, from Jeff's lips: "Wow!"
      The hapless teenage boy, still tied to his chair,
      takes it all in with mouth agape.
      "Jeff!" responds a concerned Wonder Girl,
      snapped out of her reverie.
      " I'll have you free in a jiffy!"
      She bends down near him
      and in an instant rips apart the ropes that bind him.
      "Wonder Girl!" an ecstatic Jeff shouts.
      "That's absolutely amazing!"
      They both stand and face each other, Jeff clearly dazzled.
      "Aww, c'mon," the teen superheroine blushes.
      "No, I mean it. What power. What muscles!"
      Wonder Girl's red face nearly matches the color of her costume.
      "Listen, if it's not asking too much," a slightly nervous Jeff continues...
      "Can I...umm..."
      Wonder Girl finally gets his meaning,
      and her perky face practically lights up. "Sure!"
      Proud of her super-strength, Wonder Girl tomboyishly
      flexes her right bicep for Jeff to feel.
      "Say! That really IS something!" he says with an impressed smile.
      Wonder Girl beams.
      But before she knows what hit her ---
      --- Jeff pulls her close and PLANTS A BIG ONE ON THE LIPS!
      Wonder Girl's eyes BUG, then gradually close.
      She's overwhelmed by the teen boy's extremely hot kiss,
      which takes her completely by surprise.
      Her arms fall limply to her sides
      Though still standing, she goes into a trance
      And, worst of all, her virginal lips now involuntarily PUCKER!
      "Ha!" a very differnt sounding Jeff gloats.
      "Guess those fairy tales are true.
      Wonder Brat's so damned inexperienced
      that a smooch from a guy
      - ANY guy - puts her out in a LA second!"
      The previously floored henchmen finally stumble to their feet.
      The leader rubs his head, approaches Jeff.
      "You were right, boss.
      Fooling her was the old 'candy from a baby' routine.
      You want me to plug her?"
      Jeff grins nastily, shakes his head.
      "Always throwing away built-in opportunities, aren't you Eduardo?
      Why kill the Wonder Bimbo when she can be far more useful to us."
      Amused by his own imagination, Jeff walks over to Wonder Girl,
      who is still standing like an Amazon statue,
      eyes closed, arms by her side, lips still involuntarily puckered.
      Jeff reaches over and grabs her legendary Magic Lasso.
      "Let's see if this child's toy really works."
      He slips it around her narrow waist
      And Wonder Girl's eyes BUG AGAIN for an instant,
      before drifting off into trance-land.
      "Now here this, Wonder Dummy....
      From now on, you're not some superheroine fighting bad guys,
      you're an Amazon punching bag, the property of this gym.
      Which I own.
      My order can never be reversed, so get used to it, sweetie."
      The hired goons quake with laughter. And Jeff smiles like a weasel.
      "After all, you're the one who wanted a little exercise.
      After the pounding my boys took from you,
      it's only fair they return the favor. Wouldn't you say?"
      But Wonder Girl says nothing.
      She just stands blankly ahead as her enemies laugh and laugh.
      "But hey, later," Jeff blithely interrupts.
      "We have a little job to do first.
      When we're finished, we'll all head back to the gym
      for a little recreational workout. Let's go, gentlemen."

      CUT TO:
      Wonder Girl's booted feet, close together,
      as we PAN UP her motionless super-body.
      Her arms are pressed closely to her sides
      ...she's standing like a human bowling pin.
      Or, more precisely...
      An Amazon punching bag!
      We now PULL BACK...she's still in the gymnasium.
      Just another exercise tool, like the weights, ropes and dumbbells.
      Eyes now opened, lips back to normal.
      But she's helplessly awaiting Jeff's return.
      Horrors! Is this the ignominious fate of our amazing Amazon heroine?
      Instead of capturing criminals, will her new life as an Amazon punching bag inadvertently help them
      become better fighters?
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