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462Re: Wonder Girl - Crimebase! Part 2

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  • camping_out_with_wonder_girl-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 26, 2013
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      Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this battle royale... Those lewd comments about the convenient uses of DynaGirl's pigtails were priceless, as was the bit where helpless (and pudgy!) Dru had her own hair tied-up this way by a drooling henchman. The DynaGirl/Wonder Girl "brat" theme is especially well-realized throughout. And, hey, I was there too when the Electra-Babes were agonizingly stretched on TV endless Saturday mornings ago... one of the few times Krofft's cheesy video optical effects actually benefited the concept. In any event, Andrea... on to chapter three! And thanks again for your imaginative, beautifully-realized scenarios. Best as always, TZ

      --- In camping_out_with_wonder_girl@yahoogroups.com, "Andrea" <akakramer88@...> wrote:
      > Frank hastily ran to his computer monitors. A steady tone emanated from
      > the tiny speakers surrounding them, and he knew what that meant: Diana
      > and her sister's hearts had ceased to function. Quickly he looked over
      > their vital signs, fed to his computer banks by the rings he'd insisted
      > they wear, and frowned. There was no time to lose!
      > Activating the auto-shock function, he sat back and crossed his fingers
      > that he hadn't gotten those two young women killed.
      > * * *
      > "I still say you shoulda left them alive and powerless, boss," Roadie
      > complained to Glitter Rock. "I mean...yeah the younger one's a little
      > pudgy but hell. Lookit the ass on her!"
      > Glitter Rock frowned at his colleague. "Y'know Roadie, you've really got
      > to learn to keep that libido of yours in check."
      > "Like you never thought about puttin' it to the Electra-bimbos?" Roadie
      > countered.
      > "Of course I did, you dimwit," Glitter Rock shot back. "That's the kind
      > of thinking that gets you arrested in this line of work! You get too
      > focused on using Dyna-brats pigtails as handlebars while you're riding
      > her, next thing you know they've got the drop on you and you're dropping
      > 20 in the big house!"
      > Roadie frowned. "I guess you're right. Seems a shame though," he said
      > looking back as the two lifeless corpses began to shake.
      > "Boss!" he pointed. "Look!"
      > The electrical current pulsed from the amazon's rings and permeated
      > their bodies, causing them to spasm violently.
      > "Well, give me a gold record and put it on the wall," Glitter Rock
      > grinned. "Looks like you may get your wish after all, Roadie!"
      > Dru suddenly gasped for air as consciousness returned to her. She felt
      > nauseated, and rolled weakly to her stomach, barely aware of her sister
      > shaking violently as the electricity continued to try and shock her back
      > to life.
      > "D-diana..." she moaned. "C'mon....you have to....nngghhh..."
      > Suddenly Diana let out a whisper as her breath suddenly came back. She
      > sat bolt upright and immediately regretted it, collapsing back to roll
      > onto her side. Both amazon powerhouses could do little more than lay
      > there, barely able to function, as their enemies stood over them.
      > "Impressive," Glitter Rock said. "You two were able to pull a Blue
      > Oyster Cult and not fear the Reaper!"
      > "And with no cowbell at all!" Roadie chimed in, and Glitter Rock rolled
      > his eyes.
      > Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl could barely respond, let alone turn to
      > look their captors in the eye. Dru hated every minute of their gloating
      > and bad jokes, but she was powerless to do anything about it at the
      > moment.
      > "Something revived you, which means you must be working out of Electra
      > Woman and Dyna Girl's old crimebase with whoever their mysterious
      > benefactor is. Spill it, cuties. Where is it and who is he?"
      > "Go..." Diana grunted. "Go to...Hades..."
      > "Probably will, someday," Glitter Rock laughed. "All the good rockers
      > end up there, you know. For now, though, you two are in Hades and I'm
      > the devil! Believe me when I say I can make it worse!"
      > Dru tried to at least get up on her knees but found her body less than
      > willing to obey her. She wasn't sure how long she'd been dead, but
      > apparently even a short time on the other side is enough to wreak havoc
      > on a body...even an Amazonian one!
      > "So here's the deal," Glitter Rock's tone suddenly turned less than
      > jovial. "My partner here's got a thing for putting notches on his
      > bedpost with super-cuties, and he's got a real thing for your sister
      > down there. So, Wonder Woman, tell me what I want to know, of I'm going
      > to let him do what he wants to her."
      > "You mean it, Boss?" Roadie greedily rubbed his hands together.
      > "I absolutely do," Glitter Rock smiled. "It's not like she's in any
      > position to stop you. Why don't you describe to the Amazon Princess here
      > what's going to happen to her younger half if she doesn't comply."
      > "Oh man," Roadie licked his lips. "I could spend hours on those cute
      > titties of hers. Fondling them, licking them, giving them a good pinch
      > until they're red and sore. Probably spend a long time on one of them
      > then move on to the other, then finish up in stereo."
      > Dru heard it all, and a wave of panic flushed over her. She had to get
      > away from these two perverts, but her body wouldn't let her! She thought
      > about that creepy guy running his hands over her chest, and shook
      > inwardly with revulsion.
      > "Then I'd have to give that gorgeous ass of hers a good spanking.
      > Probably bare-handed...definitely want to grab me a piece of those
      > cakes, y'know?"
      > "D-damn you..." Diana growled. "Y-you touch her...uhnnn...and I'll..."
      > "Do nothing," Glitter Rock finished her sentence. "You'll get tied to a
      > chair and you'll watch. Every last lick. Every last stroke. And it'll
      > all be your fault because you wouldn't give up a tiny bit of
      > information."
      > "Don't do it," Dru blurted out.
      > "See boss?" Roadie smiled. "She wants it. They all want it!"
      > "Gotta admit," Glitter Rock nodded. "The sight of these two writhing and
      > rolling on the floor in their corsets and panties is giving me quite a
      > rise. Shame Wondy here isn't a blonde."
      > Roadie produced some rubber bands off a nearby table and knelt next to
      > Wonder Girl. Deftly working them around her hair on both sides, he soon
      > had her in pigtails. "How about this, boss?"
      > Glitter Rock laughed. "Close approximation, but Wonder Girl here doesn't
      > seem nearly as annoying as Dyna Girl ever was."
      > Running hand over her tank top to cup her breast in one hand, Roadie
      > agreed. "She's certainly carrying a bit more up top than Dyna Girl ever
      > did."
      > * * *
      > "Sorry about this, Wonder Girl," Frank frowned, turning on the Electro
      > Shock and boosting it to its highest setting.
      > * * *
      > A massive jolt wracked Roadie's body, and he had only a few seconds to
      > scream out in pain before he let go of Wonder Girl and collapsed, smoke
      > rising off his curly locks of hair. Wonder Girl collapsed limply next
      > to him, alive but hurting.
      > Wonder Woman smiled weakly. Professor Heflin was no dummy. Using her
      > remaining strength she lunged at Glitter Rock, embracing his legs in as
      > strong a bear hug as she could muster.
      > "I've got him!" she screamed, hoping Frank would hear her. As the
      > electricity coursed through her body and slowly fried Glitter Rock, she
      > knew he had. Finally, darkness overtook her as Glitter Rock slumped to
      > the ground next to her.
      > * * *
      > When Dru came to, Diana was already awake next to her. Police were
      > swarming the area, along with a few EMTs.
      > "Wh-what happened?" she asked her sister.
      > "Well, in a very indirect way, Frank got the bad guys," she gestured to
      > the ambulances where a still-unconscious Glitter Rock and his assistant
      > were being loaded into. "He waited for them to touch us, and used the
      > same technique he used to revive us from Hades' realm to nearly send
      > them to it!"
      > "Nearly killing us in the process," Dru said angrily. "My whole body is
      > screaming in pain right now!"
      > "Maybe now you won't take Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl, or this case,
      > quite so lightly," Diana pointed out. "Those two were able to fight
      > Glitter Rock without the benefit of Amazonian strength or skill."
      > Dru thought about it. "I guess you're right," she agreed. "We nearly
      > died back there!"
      > "We did die," Diana put a hand on her sister's bare leg. "But Frank
      > brought us back. I think we should head back there once the report is
      > filed."
      > No sooner did she say this than both Amazons were enveloped in a strange
      > purple light that soon obstructed everything they could see. They
      > quickly, but weakly, rose to their feet, only to find the floor no
      > longer existed beneath them.
      > "W-wonder Woman!" Dru cried out. "What's happening?"
      > "I'm not sure, Wonder Girl," Diana tried to maintain her composure, but
      > there was a hint of fear in her voice. "Try to stay calm, we must be
      > under attack by a new foe!"
      > She held the ring up to her mouth. "Frank? Frank! We need to know where
      > we are!"
      > "That's a problem, Wonder Woman!" a tinny voice responded out of the
      > ring. "I can't seem to get a position of any kind on you!"
      > Wonder Woman steeled herself, mentally willing herself to remain calm.
      > They weren't falling, that much was apparent, yet there didn't seem to
      > be any form or structure to where they were. They seemed to merely be
      > floating in this dark indigo light that surrounded them.
      > "Stay calm," she reiterated to her sister. "Whoever our assailant is,
      > I'm sure they'll make themselves known soon enough!"
      > Dru mentally prepared herself for anything, but she was more concerned
      > about her physical being. Glitter Rock, and their near death
      > experienced, had sorely weakened both of them. They were in no condition
      > to take on anyone! Suddenly, as if formed from the light itself, two
      > ebon-garbed individuals appeared. One looked like a poor excuse for a
      > wizard, but the other looked particularly menacing with her white skin,
      > dark, flowing dress, and a series of intricate cracks running along her
      > face, as if she were a ceramic doll pieced together.
      > "So," the male approached them. "It would seem Glitter Rock
      > underestimated you both."
      > "Who are - " Wonder Woman demanded but the figure put up a hand.
      > "I am known as the Sorcerer," he said with a flourish. "The most
      > powerful magician to ever walk this earth."
      > "You've never met Circe, then," Wonder Girl spat back.
      > "And Circe has never met my partner, the Empress of Evil," he gestured,
      > and the patchwork woman slowly strode forward to stand next to him.
      > "Whoever you both are, you're going to regret this! Where have you taken
      > us?" Wonder Woman demanded.
      > "Why to a place that is neither here nor there, not the past nor the
      > future...it is the world where everything and nothing live
      > simultaneously. It is simply Limbo, and you two are about to join its
      > mass!" the Sorcerer smiled.
      > "Not likely," Wonder Girl paced angrily forward but suddenly found
      > herself hovering in the air, unable to move forward or retreat. She
      > tried to hide the panic when she saw her sister floating in the air next
      > to her.
      > "My partner tried this particular trick on Electra-Woman and her brat,
      > but it didn't work," the Sorcerer frowned. "However, I think with my
      > influence she'll find success. I head you mention, right before we
      > abducted you, that your bodies were in a lot of pain. It sounds to me
      > like what they could use is a good...stretch!"
      > At these words, the amazons felt their bodies stretch...painfully...into
      > two directions, then snap back into place, only to stretch again in
      > opposite directions. The agony was excruciating, and both of them cried
      > out in anguish!
      > "Slowly and painfully," the Sorcerer continued, "your bodies will be
      > stretched back and forth with increasing force until you are finally
      > pulled apart. Right my dear?"
      > "...pulled...apart..." the Empress said, a slight smile appearing across
      > her cracked face.
      > "Once you're pulled apart, your bodies will simply dissolve into the
      > void of Limbo, never to trouble me, or anyone, ever again. Any last
      > words?" he smiled up at them as they continued to be worked into
      > distorting shapes.
      > "AAAAnnngghhh!" Wonder Girl cried out, echoed by her own sister's cries
      > of "Unnnnhh...oohhhhhhh...."
      > "Well, that's really music to my ears," the Sorcerer beamed. "How about
      > you, Empress?"
      > "...pulled...apart..." the Empress repeated.
      > With each tug on their powerful bodies, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl
      > shrieked as the pain ravaged them. Soon enough, Wonder Girl found
      > herself less concerned with finding a way out of this new predicament,
      > and hoping that the agony would end, even if it meant their deaths.
      > * * *
      > Will the Sorcerer succeed where Glitter Rock failed?
      > It doesn't look good for our Limbo-Bound twosome!
      > Will Roadie ever manage to get laid?
      > Find out more next installment...well, except the last question.
      > Roadie's pretty much fried. :)
      > PS> If you can find it, the Electra-Woman two parter involving the
      > Empress of Evil is one of my all-time favorites. The death trap of being
      > pulled apart was all too real, and I remember as a kid it totally
      > freaked me out.
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