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447Re: Wonder Girl - Girl Wonder Part 10

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  • camping_out_with_wonder_girl-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Feb 21 3:31 PM
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      The '60s BATMAN TV show should be considered Ground Zero for the tone/stylistic flavoring we're going for in these Wonder Girl peril scenarios, even though WG (Debra Winger) and WW (Lynda Carter) came along a decade later, when cliffhangers were less plentiful. In essence, we're spoofing the superheroine character's ZAP! POW! BAM! overconfidence and innocence, the "wacky" nature of the capture/punishments putting a spotlight on Wonder Girl's over-the-top attributes, such as an absurdly colorful costume and mostly-on-display voluptuous body. Frankly, I'd like to stick with WG and WW for most of our original stories, but with the '60s peril flavoring we've been talking about. And Dale, for our purposes I guess "camp" means "so extremely absurd it's funny"... like transforming a voluptuous, overly-confident superheroine into a pinata. As you so perceptively observe, these punishments come in the form of wicked "pranks," making them funny and more humiliating than sadistically painful. After all, isn't it more entertaining to temporarily immobilize and mock a haughty heroine than to kill her off? Think of the endless re-match possibilities! TZ

      --- In camping_out_with_wonder_girl@yahoogroups.com, "Dale" <dalelaroy@...> wrote:
      > I actually like "death-traps" as cliff hangers. One of my favorite is the surfboard death-trap. Although this was more of a disposal means than a trap, since the capture had already occurred. I just prefer non-lethal traps/disposal scenarios.
      > I find it interesting that you state it is not necessary to stick with Bat-traps when the focus of the group is Wonder Girl, who was never in the Batman series. At the very least traps from television series Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Scorpion, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, all the Clark Kent series, such as Lois and Clark, and the animated DC television series should be acceptable. The question is, how far should a writer stray from these classics? I would imagine any trap/disposal method that is in the genre of camp would be permissible, whether classic or not, would fit in the theme of the group. But, as I have stated, I don't understand camp.
      > --- In camping_out_with_wonder_girl@yahoogroups.com, "Andrea" <akakramer88@> wrote:
      > >
      > > First off, Dale, welcome to the group.
      > > Second, I'm anxious to see where you'd put poor Dru and Robyn into peril...I haven't had time to contribute much lately. We need all the stories we can get! Don't feel you have to stick with just the Bat-traps that have been done...that's more just me. Those cliffhanger endings just always "awoke" something inside me. ;)
      > I agree that if the objective of collection is displaying the hero/heroine to the public, not only would the villain want to capture them in their best heroic pose, which for Supergirl might be flying, but also smiling, or with a stern expression on their face or perhaps even laughing. A look of surprise or stupification, would not only ruin the artistic merits of the display, but also risk raising suspicions.
      > If however the objective is to build a private collection, which is what I would expect a villain like the Huntress to do, other expressions, like surprise, stupifaction, humiliation, or ecstasy, might be preferable.
      > And of course, if the objective is using them as anonymous display mannequins or standees, a blank expression might be preferable.
      > > Third, if you're going to statu-fy a heroine, I'd want mine in the overly confident smiling pose. You're going to put them on display, after all, so you'd want your guests to remark on what a wonderful job the artist did capturing the heroine's heroism - never know that it was the real thing staring back at them the whole time.
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