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446Re: Wonder Girl - Girl Wonder Part 10

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  • Dale
    Feb 21, 2013
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      Not quite as good, but you might also like:


      BTW, I answered your query about expression in my response to Andrea.

      Dale LaRoy Splitstone

      --- In camping_out_with_wonder_girl@yahoogroups.com, camping_out_with_wonder_girl-owner@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      > Fascinating peril parameters, Dale. Yes, I certainly agree that humiliation and mocking immobilizations are more fun than killing a heroine, and the more outrageously absurd the better. Sitting in a chair that is actually a transformed Wonder Girl, who is still conscious in this incarnation? Priceless. "You'll pay for this! When I get outta this jam, my fist is gonna have a date with your face!" Dru might be thinking, as a gloating villain reclines comfortably and downs a drink. The WG chair would be a combination of red fabric spangled with white sewn-on stars, blue and gold sections, and caucasian skin color. Three-dimensional statufication is also an entertaining non-lethal peril, as is Alvino flattening... just loved the Deviant Art story you provided a link for. Which begs an amusing question: which is preferable, fans... a fists-on-hips superheroine turned into a statue with a big haughty smile on her face, which fully captures her arrogant over-confidence, or a slightly stunned and semi-stupid facial expression at the moment of defeat, such as the one Yvonne Craig's Batgirl wears? Both approaches certainly have their charms. Thanks again, Dale, and feel free to keep the fun conversation going!
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