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Re: [campernicholson] New mast, sails, engine and a lot of work is planned f rom october 2008!

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  • johnsfamily@mail.dk
    Hi Torbjørn I haven t changed my engine or mast so IO can t help you there. But I am probably one of the nearest Nic 35 s to you. Addiena Nic 35 #187 is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2008
      Hi Torbjørn

      I haven't changed my engine or mast so IO can't help you there. But I am probably one of the nearest Nic 35's to you. "Addiena" Nic 35 #187 is moored in Aalborg Denmark. Though she is presently in Stavanger (on Northwind, nic 35 #40, mooring) I will be sailing her in a couple of weeks back to Aalborg via Sörlandet and Skagen. I will also hopefully meet up with Northwind.
      I did actually see Peldon Rose in Skagen last summer.
      Good luck with all the work and maybe we'll meet the new Peldon rose some time.
      There was another Nic 35 in Denmark a few years back "Blåmusling" was her name then but I don´t know where she is now.


      Addiena Nic 35 #187

      "torbjorn.alveng" <torbjorn.alveng@...> wrote:

      I am planning a lot of work on my "Peldon Rose" this winter. I am increasing my sail area to
      31 m2 main sail, 47 m2 genoa and 108 m2 gennaker.

      With brand new rigging overall - and new engine I am looking forwrd to meet next summer
      in Norwegian seas!
      If any o you have some experience with these works, you are welcome to share it with me!

      I will update my homepage www.alveng.no, under the tab Peldon Rose, you can follow the
      Peldon Rose, Nic 35 1973

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