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RE: [campernicholson] cockpit drains

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  • Graham Norbury
    Never ever had any water come back up the floor drains, despite some rather hard sailing! Perhaps the issue of cockpit floor height really depends how
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 31, 2006
      Never ever had any water come back up the floor drains, despite some rather hard sailing! 
      Perhaps the issue of "cockpit floor height" really depends how heavily loaded your vessel is, compared to others.   Luna Azul gave up a good 6" of waterline height when she was loaded out in cruising trim.  Her draft was close to 6', and water really poured in the lazarette drains whenever the flappers got jammed while we were motoring or hard on the wind.
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      This is an interesting discussion! We have the two 1.5 inch drains in the
      cockpit floor which go to Blake's seacocks in the engine space. And we have
      two 1.25 inch drains which run from the back of the cockpit (almost at floor
      level) to the transom. These two have always had bungs in them at the
      cockpit end.

      My understanding has always been that the two transom drains are for
      draining rainwater from the cockpit when the boat is unattended (remember
      these are British boats - it rains a lot!). In theory the main cockpit drain
      seacocks should be closed when the boat is unattended, although poor access
      does not make this easy in practice. The bungs are kept in the transom
      drains when the boat is in use, to prevent water coming in when the boat is
      under way.

      That's how we use the drains, and although I agree that the cockpit drains
      seem undersized, we've never had a problem.

      Gin Rummy CN35-202

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      I wonder if there's a difference in the height of the cockpit floor on
      different ages of Nic 35s. The drains we installed were based on a drawing
      done by Camper and Nicholson which was created to correct the problem of
      insufficient cockpit drainage. The drains slope down slightly between the
      cockpit and the transom and have never even been close to the water in any
      conditions we've sailed in.

      John Larson

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