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RE: [campernicholson] Cruising World

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  • Graham Norbury
    Still haven t received my copy of the Jan issue... :( My take: + VW Rabbit engine = starts every time you turn the key, plus you can get parts at NAPA +
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 30, 2005
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      Still haven't received my copy of the Jan issue... :(
      My take:
      + VW Rabbit engine => starts every time you turn the key, plus you can get parts at NAPA
      + classic, not dated, hull lines (we always had lots of compliments)
      + slack bliges?  what's that supposed to mean?
      - narrow beam.  true enough.
      + no lightweight, so takes on the toughest conditions with ease, but will perform in light air if you're not fully provisioned for cruising.
      + practical galley, pretty enough if you replace the dated formica with a modern solid surface laminate.
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      Nice enough review?... who is this Kretschmer guy?...does he know what an offshore boat should be?....the article to me was rather negative in tone...'hull dated in shape' ?... slack bilges?..'.narrow beam?' 'lack of beam?'...'no lightweight?'...' workmanlike galley?'....' if your budget is....and you dont need a lot of volume'?.... what does he expect?...a Bavaria?....geezze...' marinized VW Rabbit engines of doubtful reputation'...since when?...they're supposed to be great!...Where does he get off?....here's hoping he NEVER does a review of a Nicholson 31....that much praise I can live without!

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      On Dec 23, 2005, at 12:25 PM, Denece Vincent wrote:


      The January issue has a one page review of the Nic 35 on page 106. It seems like a nice enough review with only some minor mistakes.


      Denece Vincent


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