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RE: [campernicholson] Overhead Panels

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  • Peter Walzer
    Al - I used fiberglas panels that can be purchased at Lowe s or Home Depot. They are sued for wall panels and have a smooth side and a textured side. They
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 9, 2005

      Al – I used fiberglas panels that can be purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They are sued for wall panels and have a smooth side and a “textured” side. They are normally used with the textured side but I like the smooth side better. I had to paint the surface before installing. Comes in 4 x 8 sheets.




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      I am in the middle of replacing the overhead.  I had been planning to use painted plywood.  But the fibreglas panels sound like a better idea.


      Can you send more information on where the panels can be purchased.




      Al Boyce

      SV Discovery CN35-132

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      Subject: [campernicholson] 42' Camper &Nicholson Ketch for sale

      Just passing along info to members. This S/V is our only "sister" is
      our area, Lake Superior . She is listed with Hooper's Yachts @ their
      website: www.hoopersyachts.com  I don't know all the details of
      condition, but I do know "Gavia" has been used as a training sailboat
      for the "Y" sailing camp for many years.
          We continue to upgrade our "Lea-Rig". We installed a new Force 10
      stove, three burner, European Compact, #63358. Fits fine. only had to
      add a 1/8 in. of washers each side to their brackets. I added a
      bracket on bottom panel to route hose better. European does not mean
      different size threads, by the way, just smaller. I hope our loaves of
      bread do not rise too much...Now we will install a solenoid system for
      the propane.
         New headliner will be done this summer. We removed the vinyl and
      placed thin fiberglass sheeting panels after adding the necessary
      wooden  stringers. Then mahogany 1/4 in strips. I made a trapezoid
      shape piece running the length between ceiling and cabin side. This
      will tie into the next project removing the side vinyl along with
      adding metal frames around the portals. The same fiberglass panels
      will be used.
          S/V Lea-Rig

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