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Re: Rigging Questions Among Others

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  • R. Vincent
    I think all the 35 s came with two hatches where you describe. Where the problem comes in is that canpa `is no longer a going concern so that if a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 1998
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      I think all the 35's came with two hatches where you describe.
      Where the problem comes in is that 'canpa' `is no longer a going concern so
      that if a replacement hatch were ever needed (broken frame, etc) it would be
      very hard to match the existing without getting a custom molding made.
      This could lead to someone canibalizing the main hatch to go over the
      forepeak (say if they were to step on the forward hatch when fully open)
      then an off-the-rack model could be fitted over the salon where green water
      is slightly less an issue.
      I believe Mary had a similar problem and was able to find a 'Goiot' to fit
      (pardon my spelling)
      We are half thru fitting Pearl with a Solent stay...goes just aft the
      forestay/before the windlass and attaches about 4 feet from the masthead.
      This will not require running backstays, per Camper&Nicholsons, but will
      enable us to use a hank-on storm jib without removing the roller furled jib.
      We thought we'd finish this before our planned excursion to the Channel
      Islands off So California, but......so many jobs, so little time.

      Oh, for the fellow looking to move up to a 35...I saw one advertised in
      Latitudes and Attitudes. Its at Parrott & Herst in Ft Lauderdale Florida
      (954)523-9700 [fax-(954)523-0937 ] They are asking $68,000. But the ad has
      no other particulars.
      I may fax them with our e-mail list, since I generally let brokers with a
      Nicholson know about us by E-mail!

      Also, to the owner of the 33...Is this a 1/2 tonner? I ask because the 35
      has an integral keel (no bolts) in approx. wineglass shape. Hm, come to
      think of it, it IS kind of broad at the base 8-)

      I kept the 8 blakes thru-hulls we removed last Fall. They may be in better
      shape than yours (parts of them anyway). I also have a couple of recent
      magazine articles I can send you on thru-hull fixing. You can use a torch
      to try to loosen up frozen ones if rapping gently with a mallet doesn't do
      it. I should think you might want to be hauled out for the flame test
      though!! We used a pipe 'cheater' to loosen up a couple of the less active
      ones, but they really need to be exercised and lubed regularly (don't we
      all) and occasionally need to be worked over with a polishing type compound
      if their insides get roughened. After seeing how those blakes were put it I
      would have no concern about breaking anything there! The hull is quite thick
      and those blakes are really heavily built!
      Sheesh, I sound like I know way more than I want about through-hulls.
      Before you ask...we got all Marelon.

      Happy Sails
      PS I really DO want to know how the crew of Hetty Brace gets it all stowed!
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