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    Simon, I concur re conventional forestay, nor would I want to use a continuous line. I have a Harken Unit 1 Jib Reefing and Furling System . It would appear
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      I concur re conventional forestay, nor would I want to use a continuous line.

      I have a Harken 'Unit 1 Jib Reefing and Furling System'. It would appear to have been installed during 1990 (or subsequently). It has worked well in the 4 years I have sailed Wantok, including a very mixed Atlantic crossing in 2000 from N. Carolina to Bermuda - Azores, and a very nasty downwind trip from Azores to Canaries, via Porto Santo..

      I have put a new furling line on it this year, but everything else appeared in almost new condition when I disassembled the system for maintenance purposes.

      Clearly, roller reefing does not give the optimum sail shape, but the Harken is really good.

      The only difficulty does not relate to the furler/reefer, but to the fact that the space between the forestay and the baby stay is very narrow. However, this does mean I appreciate a well-functioning roller-furler, as the genoa has to be almost fully furled when changing tacks (tack or jibe).

      Wantok also has a 14metre x 9mm forestay.

      Not sure exactly what problems other owners have had with what generation of Harkens, but I am very pleased with mine. In view of its reefing role, a winch is going to be needed from time to time. However, as when shortening any sail, easing of the sail (sheets or steering) reduces the stress on both body and equipment.

      Hope this is some help.
      Currently in the Canaries and planning to spend the next few months here. It's a long story, but I'm not the only one to not make it to the Caribbean. At present, it's the weather getting south of the Canaries. The trades are great further south and west.
      Anyone on way thru I have mobile (034) 637 958 314, and hope to hear from you.
      On-board email not yet working properly - will advise once I have deinstalled the professionals' efforts.

      Patricia Smith

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      From: Rayfield Simon <simon.rayfield@...>
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      Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 7:36 AM
      Subject: [campernicholson] Roller Furling Genoa Choice

      > I recently had great difficulty in refurling my genoa in a strong wind, so.................I am now going to replace my rather tatty system with a new one.
      > There are so many on the market now and these are changing all the time, this makes for a difficult choice. My preliminary requirements are for a system that does not require winch assistance and is sufficiently well established such that spares are going to be readily available if needed.
      > Single line or continuous? also think it is a good idea to be able to retain a conventional forestay.
      > Harken or Hood are the favourites so I am wondering what all you Nich35 owners in the US are using, (Harken is a US make and looks good). Ishould add that I also have a taller, heavier rig with a larger than normal genoa and a 14 metre x 3/8" forestay.
      > Simon Rayfield
      > #42 Dediou
      > France
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