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955Water pumps

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  • Philip Ashworth
    Aug 1 8:03 AM
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      I had terrible problems with my engine heating which was tracked down
      to a leaking water pump. The pump was replaced and this appeared to
      solve the problem, but it reappeared. A second water pump was put in
      with the view that the first was faulty but this leaked imemdiately.
      After many days, we decided that the plate was not centered and this
      was putting pressure on the pump shaft and was causing the leak (this
      may also cause grinding and could possibly cause a shaft breakage).
      We finally realised that the shaft was not aligned and fixed the
      problem by removing the shaft, putting in a slightly thicker gasket,
      loosely tightening the plate, aligning the pump and then tightening
      the plate and fixed the pump. This finally solved the problem. We
      also decided that the first two pumps were okay and so I now carry
      two spares.

      This seems to be what is being discussed. We certainly did not have a
      tool for the alignment, although it may have made life easier.

      Philip Ashworth
      Odyssey CN35/223